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I am sure that people who search for “big Maine Coon cat” want to see just that at the least. Perhaps you want more. Well Maine Coons are big. They are the biggest purely domestic cat breed, if one excludes the wildcat hybrids high level filials, such as the F1 F2 Savannahs, as a good example. The Maine Coon is a very long standing and natural domestic cat having initially been imported with the Pilgrims when they settled in America in 1630 or so. At that time the cat was not, of course, a Maine Coon but a long haired cat, perhaps an Angora cat, from Europe. See Maine Coon cat history.

Secondly, as my colleague Valley Girl (her blog is: reminds me, the Maine Coon is more than just a big cat, they are noticeably long and quite pliable (if you know what I mean). Indeed the long torso is referred to in the Maine Coon breed standard. In Maine Coon TICA breed standard the following terms are used, “Large, long, substantial, rectangular”.

In the CFA breed standard the length of the torso is also referred to, “The body should be long with all parts in proportion…..” Very interestingly, the CFA describes the body as, “Size medium to large”. I find this strange as this cat breed is the largest that is registered by CFA on my reckoning – or am I wrong? Please advise…

Well, here is a big Maine Coon cat. He is called Shooter. He is at a cat show. I think this cat is actually a champion cat but I can’t, at the time of this posting, confirm that. The picture is a link to a much larger one or click here:

big Maine Coon cat

The photo and the cat are so good you will see it elsewhere on this site including these places, also dealing with cat size:

And here is Samson:

Bye for now…

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