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  1. Your very beautiful cat reminds me very much of my first love. Her name was Rosy and was colored and marked just like yours. That was many years ago and we said she was an Angora barn cat. I had her many years and she was a love. She produced some beautiful kittens, not all of them as long haired as her. I have since had a Black Smoke Persian, a Siamese, a Cream Persian and now have a Russian Blue and Brown Tabby. The last two are rescue cats.

    • Cathi, thank you for showing us your beautiful white cat. The use of the word “Angora” is not clear any more so even on that basis it is not possible to tell if your cat is an Angora cat.

      The word “angora” probably refers to Turkish Angora these days and that is a very old breed of cat and the genes that make that cat have probably spread far and wide to many countries therefore it is quite possible some of those genes are in your cat.

      But in the meantime all we can say for sure is your cat is beautiful and will be described as a domestic shorthair cat or random bred cat, formally. Sorry that I cannot say anything more precise than that and thanks again for visiting.

  2. Okay thanks so much for your response. I am not interested in papers and such for him. I just wanted to know what to tell people when they ask me what he is because he if very different from the average cat! Thanks again! Carmen Williams California USA

  3. I found this lovely male cat and I’m wondering if he is a Turkish angora cat. His snout is longer than any cat I have ever seen and he has britches. He has lime green eyes. He is very loving and intelligent.

    • He has a very strong male cat face. The Turkish Angora cat genes are everywhere, inside many cats because this is an ancient cat breed. You probably can say with some certainty that he has some Turkish Angora in him.

      However, in the USA you have to have cat association registration papers to prove your cat is purebred, pedigree.

      Thanks for showing me your cat.

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