Longhaired American Bobtail

American Bobtail Longhair
Longhaired American Bobtail
 – photo copyright Helmi Flick

Tailless cats are in the ascendency. When once there was the Japanese Bobtail there is now the Kurilian Bobtail as well (is this breed linked to the Japanese Bobtail). The American Bobtail was the first of the American bobtailed cats. The genes that produce the shortened tails in the Manx and Japanese Bobtail may also produce the short tail of this breed.

In contrast to the Manx, were only no tail or a lump or dimple is allowed at show quality, the American Bobtail must have a tail that is short and which “stops just above the level of the hocks”1. (Hock: the joint between the tarsal bones and tibia of a digitigradecat skeleton)

All colours and patterns including sepia, pointed and mink are allowed. This is only a slightly above average weight cat despite the heavy set body conformation. Maine Coons for example are quite a lot larger.

On an activity scale of 1 – 10 the American Bobtail rates, on average, about 7.5, hence the level of inquisitiveness stated in the photo above. They are supposedly very friendly and child tolerant. But children should be taught how to handle a domestic cat.


1. Encyclopedia Of The Cat by Dr Bruce Fogle.

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