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  1. I’m originally from Sakhalin Island. These are one of the most popular cats for us. I’ve met one breeder who actually going to Kurils and bring the kittens straight from the wild. So the origins are quite clear. They are quite active, but cuddly and friendly, exactly as video shows. One day I want to bring kitten(s) to Australia where I currently reside.

    • Hi Genia. If you achieve your wish please tell me and write for the site because the Kurilian Bobtail is a rare cat and I love first hand information. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. I just flew to Italy from the USA to get my two fantastic Kurilian Bobtails…from TRUE KURILIANS CATTERY in Loazzolo, Italy. The breeders are Russians who moved to Italy three years ago, and are raising beautiful kittens. I chose this breed because we have three Australian Shepherd Dogs, that are very active and strong-willed. So I chose cats that could stand up to the dogs. It worked! The kittens came into the house, and within days had a fun and playful relationship with the dogs…each loves the other. In the four months they have been in our home, I have not heard one cry from a cat or a dog, as the result of being hurt in their play. These two fur balls love to travel…I pull out the crate, and in they jump…we take them everywhere we go…along with the dogs. We are going to name our van “The Ark” due to our growing menagerie. Love, love, love these cats…so, so smart, loving and adaptable, athletic, friendly and funny.

    • Hi Michaele. Wow, I am very impressed. What a result. A great promotion for this rare breed. Many thanks for sharing your experiences. People like to read first hand experiences. So much better than the usual descriptions.

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