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  1. I have a 2 year old cat, very attached to me. Recently I had cataract surgery and surprisingly she pays a lot of attention to my eyes with wonderment, curious. However my question is, since I spend a good amount of time talking to her and petting and trying to make her friendly enough so that we can after these past two yers of no luck, getting her to allow us to trim her claws, regularly I touch this or that place on her and say the name of it, I have found our bodies have similarities, yet, “where is her collar bone”. I figured out that is she isn’t “hung” arm-wise as we are and as shown in the skeleton drawing and skeleton view when running.

    • The cat’s collarbone, does not connect with other bones but is buried in the muscles of the shoulder region. I think you’ll find this allows more flexibility and therefore speed. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’m dissecting cats at my school and it takes me a while to figure out all the names of the bones and muscles, this website helped me out with a diagram and explanation! Thanks!!!

    • That’s my pleasure and thanks for visiting and thanking me. Nice of you. Good luck with your studies.

      There is one aspect of your comment which I’d like you to expand on, if you can. Where do the cats come from? Do you know?

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