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Mother-Kitten Relationship — 8 Comments

  1. If you look closely, both cats are nursing their young. I think it is a woman bond. Two fabulous cats, feeding their babies together. Sweet. Nice article Michael, as always

    • Yes, Dorothy, I am sure you’re right. Thanks for the comment. It is two nice ladies nursing their kittens together. Really cute and it shows how supportive and sensible mother cats are when raising young.

  2. Michael, good article. Must disagree about time kittens should remain with mom and siblings. 12 weeks is optimal.

    • Thanks Jo. Hope you are well. I think more emphasis should be placed on how kittens are raised. I think people sort of assume all is well, automatically. I am not sure it is.

  3. I think Monty missed a few lessons from his feline mother, since I caught him at about 8 weeks, and this article suggests the kittens are still learning from their mom until 12 weeks of age. He does not seem to know that prey is food or that he should climb down trees backwards. He tries to go head first like the squirrels he observes. I’m wondering if mom would have taught him tree climbing. I also wonder if he did at one time eat prey animals, but after almost three years of bite sized, cut up food placed in his dish he has just forgotten this.
    I also think the cats in the picture are two females. They may be sisters, which would explain why the kittens look like both of the adult cats– those genes were both present in the mother cat. A kitten doesn’t have to look just like mom for the trait to have come from mom. She could carry genes different from ones expressed in her coat color.

    • I agree with you Ruth. They are two moms! 🙂 Your comment made me think about how we adopt cats, rescue or otherwise with no real information about their upbringing. A lot is said about how we raise children but not much about raising good, well socialised cats. Just a thought.

    • Yes, a good response. I had not though of that. I think you are correct! Thanks for the comment. It is nice when a comment truly adds to the page.

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