Is killing prey a learned behaviour for cats? Infographic.

Is actually killing prey a learned behaviour for cats?

The answer to the question in the title is in the infographic. It is that predation behaviour is, as expected, inherited but it needs to be polished up with some training from their mother and a kitten’s keen observational skills and ability to learn from watching. It is how they learn to open doors …

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Kids of animal abusers should be in foster care

This family is animal welfare aware. Parent hand down good animal husbandry ideas.

The title might aggravate some people. Particularly animal abusers 😎😉. I’ll give you my thinking on this. Or perhaps you have guessed it already. My theory is that animal abuse is passed down from parent to children along the family bloodline. It is a never-ending process and only stops when one set of parents …

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Cat raised with dogs learned to bark

Cat that barks as they were raised with dogs

This cute tabby subadult really does bark! It is a bit surprising to see it happen as described in the title to the video on Twitter X. But it is unsurprising when we are told that he/she was raised by a dog, I am guessing, among puppies. RELATED: 3 sounds that a domestic cat …

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What are the smartest things that a domestic cat has done?

Intelligent domestic cat

Cats have their own type of intelligence. Of course, is different to ours but in their own way they are intuitively and instinctively smart. And it must be said that they are good learners by observation. They learn by observing us and indeed copying us sometimes. Their lives are so integrated into ours that …

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How do cats learn to open doors?

Cat Opening Door

Domestic cats have good learning abilities as shown by the fact that they adapt to indoor living. They make sense of their surroundings by classical conditioning and learn how to open doors through ‘operant conditioning’. We see a lot of videos online of cats opening doors; often interior doors and sometimes fridge doors. It …

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Human: “How are you?” Maine Coon responds with “How are you?”

Maine Coon says "How are you?"

Some observers are saying that this is remarkable but I don’t think that it is. It is very cute, however. And it is an example of how cats are good observational learners. They learn from watching their human caregivers and in this instance, this intelligent Maine Coon has decided to copy the words of …

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Kitten development – comprehensive discussion

Sphynx mum and kittens

In this article on kitten development, I refer to the development of the domestic cat after birth. About 70% of kittens are born nose and feet first (the so called “diving position”). They are covered in a transparent membrane (foetal membrane). The mother licks this off and eats it. The mother then severs the …

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