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Domestic cat allogroomings their female human caregiver which is tricky because the hair is long

Why do cats lick your hair?

When your cat licks your hair, she is allogrooming you. From her perspective your hair is unnaturally long. It makes the allogrooming process almost impossible which is why she struggles. However, she is licking...

Mother and tiger cub

When do tigers leave their mother?

When do tigers leave their mother? Tigers leave their mother conclusively between 17 and 24 months of age. Males leave earlier than females. By 15 months of age young male adult tigers often leave...

Super-looking Kitten

How do mother cats wean their kittens?

A kitten’s mother typically starts to wean him/her in the fourth or fifth week of their life. It may be earlier if: the litter is large or; the mother is stressed or; the mother...

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