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All-white Siamese kitten

Why are Siamese kittens born white?

The colourpoint (pointed) pattern of the Siamese cat is a form of albinism. It is called the ‘Siamese pattern’ but I think technically it is better described as the “Himalayan pattern” or “Himalayan albinism”....

Sphynx cat with big muscles

Picture: Sphynx cat with huge muscles

It looks like this bicolor Sphynx cat has been quietly body building since he was a kitten. He is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cat world. And the hairlessness highlights his condition. The Reddit...

Cat teeth timeline

Do cats’ teeth fall out?

Do cat’s teeth fall out? The answer is yes for baby teeth but no for adult teeth. If an adult cat’s teeth are falling out see a veterinarian asap. There will be severe gum...

Kitten hiding

Why do kittens hide so much?

There is not a lot to say in response to the question in the title because common sense applies. When a kitten or an adult cat hides it is usually because they want to...

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