How to stop your cat scratching furniture by imposing your authority over them (by Elen)

How do I get my cat to use the scratching post?

This is an article by Elen, a visitor to PoC. We humans are claimed to be divided in to two categories, Cat people and Dog people. I basically agree. I do love dogs myself; I do however not feel I have a natural way of communicating with a dog, I call this ‘I don’t …

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Why do some cats like to take walks with their owners?

Gabs, my cat, joins me in buying the newspaper at 6.30 am

Cats take walk with their owners because they are behaving as a developing kitten would when they follow their mother from the nest in their development towards independence. It often happens along a well-worn path or track which is known to the owner and becomes known to the cat. Please read on. On this …

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At what age does a cat lose its baby teeth? Assessing kitten age.

Discarded baby canine tooth of a young cat at the age of 6 months as her permanent teeth come through

A cat owner on the website (user u/maifoothurts) asked whether young cats lose their baby teeth. The question was accompanied by a pretty stark photograph which you can see below of a canine tooth which had snapped off and come to rest on the living room floor. The answer is yes. See the …

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Infographic on “Why does a cat like being stroked?”

Bodega cat is petted while enjoying a high advantage point and a bit of heat from a device in a shop.

Because of her early days experiences, a kitten equates being provided for with her mother. As the human caregiver continues to provide for the now adult cat, the cat relates to their human caregiver as their mother. Her true mom licked her kitten a lot during her earliest days to clean them, which is …

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When is a cat’s immune system fully developed?


I’m referring to the domestic cat. A good source on the Researchgate website, a study entitled Immune System Development in the Dog and Cat by M. J. Day published August 2007 on the Journal of Comparative Pathology, tells me that, “immunocompetentcy occurs around 1.5-3.0 months of age”. I’m requesting the full text of this …

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Why are Siamese kittens born white?

All-white Siamese kitten

The colourpoint (pointed) pattern of the Siamese cat is a form of albinism. It is called the ‘Siamese pattern’ but I think technically it is better described as the “Himalayan pattern” or “Himalayan albinism”. We see this in a number of different species of animals including rabbits and goats from the Himalayan region which …

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Kitten development – comprehensive discussion

Sphynx mum and kittens

In this article on kitten development, I refer to the development of the domestic cat after birth. About 70% of kittens are born nose and feet first (the so called “diving position”). They are covered in a transparent membrane (foetal membrane). The mother licks this off and eats it. The mother then severs the …

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