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Serval with Pica — 6 Comments

  1. …at the airport, no time to comment really – just to say this is a horrible thing which happened and it makes me sick to think about it. What a horrible experience for the poor cat. It’s incredibly sad and unfair – what is wrong with people. 🙁

  2. What a sad story because of the I must have mentality Akai suffered by her ignorant declawing owner Cheri who after that still couldn’t cope with a cat who should be out in the wild,living free,not owned.
    You are so right Micheal human self indulgance is at the root of this and other cruelty to cats large and small happening.

  3. It is difficult maintaining a non-castrated normal male cat in a normal house let alone a large wild cat like a Serval.Male cats have a habit of “Yowling” in the night disturbing the sleep of its human inhabitants and this would be amplified in the case of a wild cat species like the Serval.Pet owners should be educated before buying a pet cat or dog.remember, among cats, the male of the species is difficult to maintain in a normal house if not castrated as they tend to behave in their normal wild cat behaviour including spraying urine in various parts of the house which this wild Serval does.Luckily my male non-castrated Persian cat “Matata” doesn’t spray his urine all over the house but is toilet trained. He only “Yowls” everyday in the morning at around 0400 hrs waking the house.Non-castrated male cats are only fir t to be owned by cat breeders in a cattery or as out-door cats. This story of taming a Serval made me compare an ordinary domesticated cat to a domesticated wild cat. The difference in habits of the wild and domestic cat are bare minimum compared to other species of animals.

    • Agreed, there is not much difference between unneutered domestic cats and wild cats but as you say the serval is large – up to 40 pounds – and truly undomesticated. I have read a number of stories of servals and how much they spray urine. When I took the photograph on this page of Morpheus, he had sprayed me twice. Each time it happened extremely quickly and it was impossible to avoid being soaked in serval urine. I remember it will. I received a mass of hisses too.


  4. This just turns my stomach. Cats are living creatures that deserve to be treated as so. To selfishly adopted one is bad enough. I would LOVE any number of wildcats, but I don’t get them. They are dangerous. They require special knowledge and skill to take care of their needs. The rule is that after 3 months, no wildcat is safe (or most other predators) to be around. Making them so for your own purposes is just selfish.

  5. Poor little Akai, that is so very sad, taken from her mother so young and declawed too, Cheri should have been prosecuted for cruelty along with that cowardly vet who mutilated the cat.
    Some people just have to ‘own’ wild creatures, they don’t even bother to learn how to care for them either.
    It makes me very angry that anyone can have any cat they choose, domestic or wild, in their power for their own benefit and not the cats, it’s all wrong!

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