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  1. I don’t see anything specific about these cats which makes them different from the average cats of Turkey, Cyprus, The Middle East, and even further afield in this area. This is what happens when people are not familiar with cats from nearby and not so nearby areas. In trying to a new breed of them they are repeating the same mistake as Aphrodite breeders in Cyprus. They have no knowledge of the original Turkish Angora or Turkish Van/Van kedisi, The Anatolian Shorthair, or the random-bred cats of Turkey. So when they come across some really nice cats in Cyprus and the Aegean Islands they jump to the conclusion they are special and unique. To know if that is true they need to compare them to other cats something which they don’t do. For every Aegean or Aphrodite cat there are thousands exactly alike in Turkey.

  2. This is our cat, Oberyn. He was a stray that came to my husband’s work when he was just a kitten. We think he is an Aegean, between his coloring and his muscular build.

  3. I’m pretty sure our female cat is a Aegean. She looks lots like some pictures I have seen. She is very smart and very talkative. Thanks for the history on this breed. She also gets along with our other animals.

  4. Not real sure if my cats are this breed but they look exactly like the barcode cat. The mother cat was under the house when we moved in and the dad is a stray or feral. The she cat has had 3 litters and they all look alike.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. The important point about the Aegean cat breed is that they are actually moggies! That sounds odd but a lot of cat breeds started life as moggies. By moggie I mean random bred cat.

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