Animal control officers search for cat that had been shot with arrow

This is an extremely upsetting and distressing story especially for the residents of Portsmouth, a subdivision of Suwanee, Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA. Gwinnett County is near Atlanta.

Cat shot with arrow

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Wendy Tanner, a homeowner, said that a black-and-white cat showed up on her doorstep with an arrow right through his body. It is unnerving that residents in this area are forced to realise that there is somebody out there, quite possibly nearby, who takes pleasure in using an outdoor cat for bow and arrow target practice. Perhaps they thought that they had killed the cat. It is equally unnerving to think about this seriously injured cat and his suffering. That said, he appears to okay at the moment because he is eating but it won’t last.

It begs the question whether somebody got the idea from the infamous Kristen Lindsey who as we all know enjoys killing animals and had some fun shooting her neighbour’s cat with a bow and arrow into the head.

Obviously, the cat needs to be trapped quickly because there is a real possibility that the wounds will become infected. Gwinnett County animal control have responded but so far have been unable to trap the cat to allow treatment.

Wendy Tanner said that “some rescue groups are helping me to try to trap the cat so that if we can get it trapped we can get it treated”.

She is providing food and water for him and appears to have a trap on her front porch. The cat was last seen on Sunday so time is pressing.

It is said that the arrow is of the type which is used for target practice. On the presumption that the person lives not too far away then I would have thought that somebody knows of somebody who has a bow and arrow who likes to do a bit of target practice in their backyard. I would guess that somebody knows who did it but the question is whether they will come forward. If you see the cat you can call animal control on 770 339-3200.

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