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by Michael
(London, UK)

Chihiro licking lips - yummy - I liked that high quality canned cat food - photo by fofurasfelinas

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Chihiro licking lips - yummy - I liked that high quality canned cat food - photo by fofurasfelinas

How do you decide what is the best canned cat food? First cat food is country specific. There seems to be a wider range in the USA. And is it better quality generally and of better value in the United States? Possibly. That complicates matters. Cats have their own tastes so a canned cat food that is the best on paper may be sniffed at and left by your cat. On that basis it cannot be said to be the best canned cat food for you (I mean, your cat).

Franny Syufy the author of the cats section on has I think recognised the difficulty in selecting the best and gone for decent to high quality canned cat food that her cats like. She is an American lady and the food therefore is available there. Here are ten for adult cats: Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance, Nature's Logic, Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken Canned Cat Food, Drs. Foster and Smith Canned Cat Food, Halo's Spots Stew for Cats - Original Flavor, Wellness Chicken Canned Cat Food, Newman's Own Chicken and Brown Rice, Evolve Natural Canned Chicken Formula, Innova EVO Canned Cat Food, Merrick Cat Food.

Interestingly, the first, Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance, has a relatively low crude protein content and high moisture (water) content compared to some of the others at 9% min (compared to Dr. Fosters at 45% on dry matter basis).

Ingredients to avoid

Anyway, who spends hours reading the ingredients? Who has the time and inclination? Some have but most don't. If we are into checking ingredients we should look for the following and avoid the food: by-products, animal digest, "meat”, corn, corn gluten, wheat gluten, BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin (preservatives), meat by-products, meat meal, meat by-product meal.

General Conclusion

If you want to boil it down (or fry it up) the best canned cat food is the most expensive cat food that your cat likes and that as near as possible replicates a natural raw diet. In the US the so called healthy cat foods are considered the best, made for example by Wellness, Eagle Pack, Drs Foster and Smith.


Which brings me to commercially produced raw cat food because few people have neither the time nor the inclination to prepare their own homemade cat food.

In my experience it is not available in the UK. In the USA there are companies that make it, one being: (link broken 9-4-11). If I was in the US I would buy this and see what happened.


Cats with digestive problems and toilet problems (Irritable bowel disease urinary tract diseases) are sometimes miraculously cured by eating a more natural food. Some of the stuff that is in canned cat food can for example cause allergic reactions.

Top ten in a poll

In a USA website poll (Share Ranks best cat food -- unverified as to authenticity) these came out as the ten best canned cat foods in this order: Avoderm Select Cuts Kitten & Adult, Natural Balance, Avoderm Natural Kitten & Adult, Blue Buffalo Spa Select, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Halo's Spots Stew for Cats, Newman's Own Chicken and Brown Rice, Nature's Logic, Merrick Cat Food, Innova EVO (top ten)

Best Canned Cat Food - USA

Cross checking the above poll results with Frany's recommendations we come up with: Nature's Logic, Newmans, Merrick, Innova EVO, Halo's Spots.

Animal Testing

Iams / Eukanuba allegedly do animal testing - avoid the food.

UK Best Canned Cat Food

The big problem in the UK is price. I don't think people in the UK are prepared to pay the price for high quality cat food. Lets make a price comparison with US products. 90 grams (3.2 ounces) of Merrick cat canned cat food cost $1.31 (80p in UK money) from their site (1.12 grams per penny). 936 grams of Applaws high quality cat food cost £6.79 (1.4 grams for each penny spent). The price is similar in fact. OK, most, nearly all people in the UK buy canned cat food from the supermarket and are therefore buying mainstream cat food that is not of the highest quality.

One example of good quality (but largely unknown) canned cat food might be: Applaws Cat Food 6 x 156g or Porta 21 - 6 x 156g. The prices are in the £6-7 range for 6 small cans.

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Dec 17, 2011 to the lady who posted about natural blance
by: kim

A reason your cat could be vomiting with this food (if it's the canned variety) is that one of the thickening agents is a product called carrageenan, known to cause ulcerative colitis in some subjects. Two of my three cats began vomiting quite violently, and experiencing bloody stools, while eating a canned food with this in it. Took some time and a lot of vet's bills to narrow it down. When I stopped feeding it,and treated them with massive doses of species appropriate pro-biotic, they healed. I too live in the USA and have found only a handful of grain free canned pet food manufacturer who don't use it. They are Natures Variety canned Instinct and Spots Stew. Sorry guys, probably time to make your own food as I don't believe you can get it in the UK.

Jan 15, 2011 Response to Michael's Response
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

Ha, ha, you are so right! I am one of those fat Americans. We just got this new chain of supermarkets where the store is so huge I get exhausted by the time we're done walking through it. Cheap prices, huge selection-- we've all been very excited! Large selection does seem to make us consume more- the variety can lead to overindulgance. Even Monty is getting that way--begging for food when he's not hungry because he wants me to crack open another can of tuna, salmon or sardines and share with him. I've been adding fish to my diet, but he always gets a little when I have some!

But I think there's another side to the obesity coin, for humans and pets, and that's appropriate activity level. The only times I've actually been obese according to my BMI are those times in my life when I've been getting very little exercise. Not that exercise is an excuse to eat poorly, but without it even the healthiest diet won't be enough for good health.

Nov 02, 2010 Post Script
by: Michael

The most common cat illness is urinary tract infections (URI).

A number of studies have shown that a cat takes in more water when eating canned cat food than when eating dry cat food. In short cats do not compensate by drinking more when eating dry cat food.

It is soundly argued that the lower intake of water in relation to dry matter leads to a greater chance of contracting a URI. This is because the concentration of the urine is higher leading to a greater chance of crystals forming in the tract leading to blockage and infection.

It is not advised therefore to feed dry cat food only.

Michael Avatar

Oct 03, 2010 Cats love food
by: Maritza Tolmasoff

I give them Natural Balance, and they seem to love the food. The lowered price ones began to give my cats an upset stomach and were vomiting almost daily.

Feb 09, 2010 cat food
by: Anonymous

I recently started buying Bozita cat food and was also impressed with it. I`m sick of trying to find quality cat food for a reasonable price - i have 4 cats! Are their any other comments on this brand?

Nov 21, 2009 Response to last comment
by: Michael

Hi Everycat, thanks for the advice on Bozita from Sweden. I have never heard of it. Now I have thanks to your comment. It is hard to find really good quality cat food in the UK, I think. The USA are better than us in this regard I feel. It is because they are better at food generally. There is a massive choice of human food at great prices (it is almost an obsession) and that is why there are more fat people in the US than elsewhere.

Note: there was a bit of the post missing early on because of a bit of mistyped html code - sorry.

Nov 21, 2009 Yum!
by: Everycat

This is one occasion when we in the UK could take a leaf out of our American cousin's book.

Our UK cat food is generally dreadful. Applaws might be ok as a yummy special treat food, but I don't think the tins are a complete food. The kitten food is complete though.

I wish Bozita from Sweden would start selling their tetra pack wet foods in the UK in supermarkets - It's excellent made with meat, real meat, no by products, no fillers, no ground up nose and bottom, no rubbish and best of all no damn soy or wheat. It's a complete food and species appropriate as it has about 4% carbohydrate.

I pay 90p for a 370g tetra pack (which is about 7 meals worth) That is not expensive. Higher protein means happier more sated cats, shinier coats, some appropriate weight loss for the cat that needed it too (without the hunger pangs) - it's good stuff. The only cat food I have ever opened, where I haven't immediately had to recoil gagging and retching. Sweden has better farm animal welfare standards then the UK too.

I have to buy it online. Bozita is a secret that should be shared.

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