Big-hearted teenager opens animal shelter

Anápolis, Brazil: Remember the name Eduardo Caioado as I think he’ll become famous one day. He has a huge heart. His life is speeded up compared to most people. He is 17-years-of-age and has recently achieved his dream of opening an animal shelter which he calls the EduPaçoca Institute. It is actually a sanctuary as it is 100% no-kill. He has to select the animals who are to benefit from it which he finds very hard as he know doubt wants to help them all.

Eduardo and rescue dog

Eduardo and rescue dog. The clear-eyed certainty and optimism of youth is in his expression. Photo: His Instagram account.

There are currently 22 dogs and 4 cats at his shelter. He has been rescuing homeless animals since he was 9! Like I said his life is speeded up.

He wants to make the world a better place. A lot of people want to do that but it is exceptional rare for a teenager to actually do it in a tangible and substantial way.

EduPaçoca Institute’s facility is a rented house which is a 30 kilometre bike ride from his home. He sometimes hitch-hikes to get there. He does not complain because he has achieved his dream. He wants his rescued animals to be happy and entertained and to die at the sanctuary if he cannot find a home for them.

Animal rescue for Eduardo started where his lives, Anápolis, which has a cold climate. Some dogs were dying of hypothermia. No-one was doing anything about it so he collected blankets and made houses for them. There were three dogs at the beginning. The group quickly grew to ten and he realised he had a vocation and the responsibility to care for them.

Eduardo and cat

Eduardo and cat. Photo: His Instagram account.

He wants the sanctuary to be like a recreational daycare center. As mentioned, he wants the animals to be able to take part in activities. It seems that he wants to avoid the lines of small kennels that is commonplace at shelters. He wants his dogs and cats to be happy; to repair their souls not just their injuries. He understands that they have feelings just like us. One dog, Baiano brings his gifts to thank him.

I had the idea of ​​creating a different place. A nursery with colors, toys, recreation, activities, music, dancing, theme parties, and birthdays….Seeing their joy, development, and coming back to life is exciting.

Funding comes from donations as usual. This is one of the hardest parts of this sort of charity. VOAA has launched a campaign to raise funds for the EduPaçoca Institute to help to reform and expand it according to Bored Panda. However, I can’t find information on VOAA. I think it is a Brazilian crowdfunding platform.

Eduardo’s face expresses the clear, certain optimism of youth. A youth who knows what he wants: to improve the lives of animals. I’d watch him because he is likely to do big things in animal welfare in Brazil.

My thanks to Bored Panda.

Link to his Instagram account.

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