Black vodka treatment for cat poisoned by anti-freeze

Vodka anti-freeze cure for cats
Black vodka anti-freeze cure for cats
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A kitten in the UK is receiving black vodka treatment after a second attack on a family’s cats in Redcar. Missey was covered in anti-freeze. I presume a nasty, cruel individual wanted to kill Missey because it is well-known nowadays that the ethylene glycol in anti-freeze causes kidney failure in cats. Missey’s caretaker, Paul Stephenson, believed he would have to have her euthanized.

Anti-freeze need not include ethylene glycol. There are substitutes but some uncaring manufacturers don’t care. A bitterant can also be added to make it unpalatable to cats.

Anyway to the point. A specialist vet has given Missey a 50% chance of surviving and the treatment has included using black vodka placed on a drip “to break down the crystals that form after anti-freeze is swallowed”. Whisky is just as good or at least one Scottish woman discovered it was.

Ethanol is an antidote to anti-freeze poisoning. It halts the poisoning but treatment has to be undertaken soon after the poison has been ingested.

Vodka is a mixture of a high concentration of ethanol and water.

16 thoughts on “Black vodka treatment for cat poisoned by anti-freeze”

  1. I heard of this over 20 years ago in the monthly horse magazine. I’m pretty sure it was Equus. A horse got into the owners garage and drank a pan of anti freeze. You would think this would be common knowledge by now.
    I’m pretty sure that our state has the bittering agent added.

    • Interesting. I think the trouble is that you have to give the cat the alcohol intravenously in largish amounts. It is not possible to give it any other way. Just a thought.

  2. I hope Missy recovers. Would be great if we’re able to follow her story.

    Black Vodka for cats, I’d never heard of that before. I wonder when it was discovered that ethanol might help and when it was first tried on cats.

    Late last year, Prestone and Halfords announced they would be adding Bitrex to all of their anti-freeze and screenwash products. This is great news because it can help save children, cats and wildlife from being poisoned. I only hope other manufacturers follow suit.

  3. I agree Michael. . .manufacturers don’t care about the animals. . .very interesting post — can you imagine drunk kitties running around??? MOL!! ♥♥♥♥

      • I’m aware that alcohol harms pets, but would like to know the exact amount of black vodka or whiskey that needs to be given to a kitten, cat. Presume the amount needs to be adjusted to the cat’s weight, size … maybe age? Knowing that the amount of ethanol varies from brand to brand and even within the brand, what is the recommended purity of the drink? 50% proof? 60? … etc. I ask these practical questions because of my hands-on rescue work. If a kitty swallows antifreeze, there is not enough time for Dr’s appointment….
        Looking forward to your reply.

        • Ashlee, thanks for commenting. You have asked a tricky question. I would like to answer it as accurately as possible. In order to do so I will have to do a bit of research. Please give me a little while to do this and then I will make another response to your comment. Thanks again.

        • Ashlee, my immediate impression is that the only way to administer ethanol is in a controlled way at a veterinary clinic. It is called “ethanol therapy”. It probably has to be administered through a drip. My initial research indicates that a lot of ethanol has to be used but I can’t find a precise amount. Perhaps your veterinarian will be able to assist.

          It would seem that the normal urgent treatment is to induce vomiting and then take the cat to a veterinarian. If treatment is to be delayed then you can administer activated charcoal to prevent further absorption of the ethylene glycol.

          That is about the best I can do in response to your comment. I don’t feel that I have done a great job but it may give you some ideas.

    • We do know this, but wouldn’t it be worthwhile to appeal to individuals who actually both love their cats as family and are CEO’s in the antifreeze industry?

      • Yes, we should appeal to these business chiefs as family men with dogs and cats as “pets”. It is all about money and profit combined with a lack of respect for the welfare of animals.

  4. You need to correct: “There are substitutes but some uncaring manufacturers don’t care.”

    To: “There are responsible pet owners, but some don’t care what environmental-poisons their cats might get into, even if they roll-around in antifreeze in a gutter after a car-accident.”

    They just don’t care how any of their cats die. It’s ALL an act. Blatantly clear to anyone who can see beyond their own self-deceptive delusions.

  5. Well thank God this little mite has a chance, I didn’t even know there was a fairly reliable cure for anti freeze poisoning. This is something to bear in mind for a lot of cat parents.

      • I’d think if the places that make anti-freeze ,,, would add the item so cats/dogs won’t be tempted to drink it. People who do this type of thing should be forced to drink it too. But … that’s a good idea Michael (an ethanol pill for your pets)!!! I guess it would be better to have a drunk kitty … than a murdered one. I hate people!!!!!
        BTW .. Michael … how have you been coming along since you’re little fur angel passed? Are you doing any better? I understand how you feel tho .. I still miss & mourn for my little guy who went Mar 8/13.


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