If your neighbour wants to poison your cat move home!

Barbera Minns the mad pensioner of Cornwall

NEWS AND OPINION: If the relationship between you and your neighbour is so bad that they consistently try and poison your cat (or kill them in any other way), I’d recommend moving home. Just do it quietly without complaint. I’ll tell you why but first I’ll tell you about Barbera Minns in Cornwall who’s …

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PBDE and decaBDE dust remains a health risk for domestic cats?

Fire retardants in sofas and FH?

I am revisiting feline hyperthyroidism (FH) which affects at least 10 percent of feline patients over 10 years of age. FH was unheard of until the 1970s. At that time veterinarians had no idea about it. There was a surge in FH cases which mirrored the use of PBDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers) fire retardants. …

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Humble, slow-moving toad can poison cats with bufotoxin

Toads are poisonous to cats

Before I discuss bufotoxin, a particularly virulent poison otherwise known as ‘bufotalin’ carried by the humble toad (genus Bufo), I would like to quote a very brief extract from Dr. Desmond Morris’s book Catlore about substances poisonous to cats. A lot of poisons are inside the home because “we have thoughtlessly introduced [them] into …

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Should I allow my cat into the backyard if there are daffodils there?

Daffodils are toxic to cats

It is spring and synonymous with spring are daffodils. It’s great to see them and the smell of cut grass. It lifts the spirits and makes us feel better. But daffodils don’t make cats feel better especially if they chew them and you know what domestic cats are like. They like to put things …

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Phenol in household products is highly toxic to domestic cats

Phenol kills cats

This is a story about the danger of using medicines for humans on domestic cats. My personal belief is that a cat caregiver should never use human medicines on their cat without first consulting their veterinarian or at the very least doing a thorough search on the Internet. There are many household products and …

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15 facts about ‘forever chemicals’ in dry pet food bags

Meow Mix bag contains PFAS

Here are 15 facts about ‘forever chemicals’ in pet food bags. The analysis comes from America by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) (ewg.com). ‘Forever chemicals are known as PFAS (pronounced ‘peefas’). PFAS stands for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances if that helps you! They are ‘synthetic organofluorine chemical compounds that have multiple fluorine atoms attached to …

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Cats are exposed to certain pesticides at levels that warrant immediate attention

Study on pesticides affecting cats and dogs is very concerning

A new study has found that there is widespread exposure to multiple pesticides in pet cats and dogs mostly from flea and tick products. The study concluded that “pesticide exposure in dogs and cats has been linked to mammary cancer, lymphoma, bladder cancer, and oral squamous cell carcinoma, reflecting effects similar to those reported …

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