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British Nobility Bungle Captive Lion Management — 6 Comments

  1. Many times i have thought of just locking my house and trotting the globe as a “BACKPACKER TOURIST”, since i am a self-employed bachelor with no immediate close human family attachments.Alas, its my two cats and parakeet that keep me from undergoing a long World tour as i emotionally can never ever think of giving them away or confining them to a stranger for months.I consider my pets my close non-human family and would never part with them unless “DEATH DO PART US” ! Its sad reading about this article of the park lions of Longleat Safari Park, a tragedy of human mismanagement. I am also of the opinion that the future of all the World’s big cats will finally be in “ZOO”S’ under lock and key.

  2. British “nobility” are buffoons, blundering on interfering with things they should stay well away from, I just wish they, and the “royal” family would keep the hell away from all types of wild animals because whatever they do, in the end they do more harm than good. 🙁

  3. More tragedy – at least this time ‘the people’ got to say what they think and even had an ability to threaten by not going. That is good. These ‘zoos’ should be forced to face up to what they do – they need to be more transparent. If I was an employee who loved those lions I would quit and run away if I didn’t feel a duty to the remaining animals. When you love an animal there is nothing you can do – there is no turning back – you will protect that animal until you are unable to.

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