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  1. Cats need to be socialised to integrate with people and other animals. If this is missed at the best period of 3-9 weeks of age a cat may not necessarily get over its innate instinct to fear us and avoid us. Poorly socialized cats may be difficult (aggressive towards) both people and cats or other animals. This is relatively rare in my experience and a decent environment, good food and warmth will satisfy a domestic cat resulting in a relaxed cat provided health is not an issue either. == I got my cat when he was 6 years old. He was already aggressive towards people and other animals, but as I am his food-giver, he seems to like me okay. A few years ago we moved in with my daughters home where we share a room & bath. This has been very stressful for him since he feels threatened by their 3 young children, another cat and a dog. He’s gradually gotten a bit better, but the children are afraid of him still. He has diabetes controled by diet and is otherwise very healthy. He stayed at the vet for a week when I was on vacation and they reported he scratched every one of their staff during that time. They wore welding gloves to handle him. How do I socialize him at this late stage? He usually gets along with those who “show no fear”, but it has to be genuine! Food seems to be his only motivator. I welcome suggestions.

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