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Cat eats a bird – plucking before feeding — 6 Comments

  1. There is no shortage of birds where I am in the mountains of Andalucia, the Falcon Eagle is another story and the Buzzards, certain high level on the rank are rarer, cats must defend themselves. Sparrows, house Martins and so on are abundant.

  2. I presume that birds are at less risk of viruses in the countryside, I was told that rodents are more unhygienic to eat, especially since some farmers put rat poison down as a farmyard diterrant. My cat is intelligent and selective. It is incredible how they have auto intelligence and pluck feathers without being directly trained!!!

    • A lot of wild cat species pluck birds before they eat them. It is an inherited skill. It depends upon the cat and the bird! But it is a very common skill among cats. I guess they have to do it otherwise they get a mouthful of feathers which must interfere with the enjoyment of the meal! Although some roughage is valuable.

  3. This is in memory to Amanda.She came out of the bush near our house .It took me a month to tame her.Took her to the Vet :$900.00 later and was told the abscess on her neck can’t be cured.She lived with us for a year .A sad day in July 2013,I had to put her down as she could no longer eat or drink.Here’s to you my love ,you filled a special place in my heart.I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.Ria Olivier Auckland New Zealand

    • Hi Ria, Nice to hear from you. This is a lovely memorial to Amanda. You did a fine job in taming her and looking after her and making her life more comfortable. If you have a picture of Amanda please upload it to a comment. You can see how to do it below the comment input box.

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