Fact check on ‘domestic cats eat more than 2000 species’

Domestic cat preying on a classic prey animal, the common mouse

Late last year there were many articles on the Internet which stated that domestic cats eat more than 2000 species. In other words, domestic cats across the world preyed upon 2000+ different species of animal. It caused a lot of consternation in conservationists. I have read one or two of the articles based on …

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It should be illegal to allow your cat outside without a collar and bell

It should be a legal requirement to put a bell and collar on any indoor/outdoor cat in order to protect wildlife in general and birds in particular

I have changed my mind about bells on cat collars as a way to protect wildlife. It’s an imperfect method to protect birds and other wildlife from domestic cat predation but it’s better than nothing and it’s a very simple solution which might be more effective than many believe. The general culture across the …

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Designer invents a cat collar which he claims could save the lives of 55 million birds in the UK

Cat killing what appears to be a magpie

The Mail Online reports that Philip Yorke, 82, has designed a cat collar which he believes might be very effective in protecting British birds. This is important. It’s important because of all the animals that domestic and stray cats hunt, the bird is the most precious to the British public. They don’t like it. …

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Has the domestic cat become a pest in preying on 2,084 species worldwide?

Has the domestic cat become a pest?

Introduction: This article conerns a new study on cat predation. The first point to make is that the study I’m referring to concerns “free-ranging cats (Felis catus)”. That’s important because across the world there are many small wild cat species which prey upon many types of animal. This study and this article is about …

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Domestic cat personality influences opportunity, desire and effectiveness of predation

Cat predation worries many

A domestic cat’s personality influences how keen they are to go hunting and it will also affect how effective they are and therefore how many prey animals they kill and/or bring back home. And, secondly, owners’ perceptions of cat personality can influence cats’ access to the outside which also has an impact on the …

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Cat owners are unconcerned about wildlife predation by their cats

Brightly coloured collar help to protect birds from cat predation

There is a lot of talk nowadays about the killing of small mammals, marsupials and reptiles plus birds by unsupervised domestic cats outdoors, stray cats and feral cats. This topic highlights the biggest negative against domestic cat ownership currently on the agenda. Since 2005 there have been discussions about how to minimise the impact …

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Does feeding a domestic cat blunt their desire to hunt?

Confine your cat to stop him bringing mice into the home

To rephrase the title, you might ask the following question: “Do well-fed domestic cats hunt as much and with the same conviction as cats that aren’t fed?” The best answer that I can find on this topic is from Dr. Jon Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense. He is far more nuanced in his …

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‘Food preparation’ for easy swallowing by domestic cats is rarely seen

Cat hunting birds

In the modern world, as the pampered domestic cat is provided with wet cat food from pouches or dry cat food from bags, you rarely see them engaging in their own ‘food preparation’ so I’ll describe it here if I may. The point is that domestic cats are in effect scavengers, a behavioural trait …

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