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Cat Eats Mouse in 60 Seconds — 5 Comments

  1. The only thing I would add to his response is if you have a urin smell you may have a major infestation. Mice like many rodents carry disease risk and you may save money in the long run hiring a professional.

  2. Cats are cats whether in European England or Asian India.”Farm Cats” or “Outdoor cats” are natural predators and the same can be observed even in the domestic pet house cat confined to indoor houses or small flats as are my two cats.”Gabriel” eating a mouse in 60 seconds proves the fact that he is a natural predator since he is a outdoor cat.That’s nature and the natural World. My two cats hunt the “Gecko lizards” in my small flat and on more than two occasions i have rescued a gecko from their jaws.A few gecko lizards were not so lucky and became their meal.That’s cats, whether “Outdoors” or “Indoors”.In India most villages have farm houses and its common for the house cat to come home with the odd snake or a rabbit.

    • I totally agree with you as usual, Rudolph. My cat was born outside. His mother was a feral cat. He lived outside the first six or seven weeks of his life and he has that stark wild cat quality in him which makes him an excellent hunter. He is the most wild, domestic cat that I have loved and cared for. In fact I domesticated him and socialised him. It took me a long time and lots of patience. Now he is very domesticated but there is still that glint in his eye and that wild nature which comes to the fore.

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