Cat cannibalism – 9 reasons why it occurs, one of which is “murder”

Starving cat forced into cannibalism

Cat cannibalism is nearly always a form of abnormal maternal behaviour. Most often it concerns the queen (breeding mother cat) consuming her young. Often it is the first-born kitten. Apparently, it occurs quite commonly, particularly in catteries. The definition of “cannibalism” is the eating of another animal of the same species for food. The …

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Cats are aloof, self-centred and treacherous. Discuss.

Aloof self-centered cat?

The basic conclusion, fair or otherwise, of a recent study is that unlike dogs cats will not side with their owners against the “enemy”. Dogs shun people who behave negatively towards their owner whereas cats don’t. Perhaps the more scientific conclusion, to use the language of the study, is that domestic cats don’t ‘evualate’ …

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Anthropomorphising The Domestic Cat

Worried stray cat in China

Do we, inadvertently, nearly always anthropomorphise the domestic cat?  I believe that we have difficulty with dissociating the cat as a family member from human family members.  I believe that all too often without realising it people judge cat behaviour from the standpoint of human behaviour.  They measure cat behaviour in reference to the …

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Attention Seeking Behaviour in Cats

According to Franny Syufy (on attention seeking behaviour in cats is one of the most common complaints about cat behaviour. With respect to Franny, to be perfectly frank, I find that very hard to believe because a lot of the time people complain about the cat being aloof and independent (the opposite). The …

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A Suitable Environment for a Cat

Cat enclosure. Stimulation with safety. Photo by Shamey Jo Cat enclosure – Photo by Kurt Faler Is the garden safe? Photo by * starrynight1 Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, British citizens who keep a cat companion owe a legal duty of care to provide their cat with a suitable environment in which to …

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Whiskas Cat Milk

Whiskas Cat Milk by Michael (London, UK) In a recent post I wrote about how Sister Wendy, a very fine and intelligent women, had said that “cats are people“. It was an interesting thing to say and I tried to understand it in the context of her life, a reclusive nun. Well cats are …

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