Cat sits on the sidewalk and swats at pedestrians. Why?

This is a said video for me. I can feel the sadness in this cat. And the loneliness. This must be a stray cat who was once a domestic cat. And they are sitting on the sidewalk or near the sidewalk watching pedestrians pass by. He or she desperately wants to interact with these people. She swats at the people with her left paw (most cats favour their left foreleg). This is not an act of aggression but an attempt to get their attention and perhaps to instigate some play or any form of interaction. These are the actions of a lonely domestic cat but nobody responds and nobody cares. I don’t blame the people because they are going about their business and there is nothing much they can do in that moment. However, I do hope that somebody eventually interacts with this cat, takes them home as their cat or contacts a local rescue centre through which they can be rehomed. This is my assessment. Above all else, this is not an aggressive cat looking to attack people. It is almost the opposite, a cat who wants to draw in people to live a normal life, a life for which they have been trained and socialised.


Stray Cat Sits on Sidewalk and Attacks Pedestrians

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It is a fallacy to believe that domestic cats don’t get lonely. They are socialised to be with people. This is their role. They’ve become used to it. Domestic cats have become quite social animals in fact. People have a misconception sometimes of domestic cats being independent-minded and solitary. That applies to the wildcat ancestor but not to the domestic cat after 10,000 years of domestication.

Stray cat sits on the sidewalk and swats at pedestrians. Why?
Stray cat sits on the sidewalk and swats at pedestrians. Why?
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