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Timid cat

What is a wallflower cat?

Jackson Galaxy uses the phrase “wallflower cat” in his book Total Cat Mojo. He also uses the phrase “the raw cat” a lot as it is fundamental to his ideas. The two are linked....

Available Bengal cats at DOUBLE GRR BENGALS

Are Bengal cats dangerous?

No, Bengal cats are not dangerous to people. They might be dangerous to mice, though! If they are allowed to hunt outside, which is unlikely. Or birds and so on but people, no, provided...


Are bobcats friendly to humans?

Potentially, bobcats could be friendly to humans and the video on this page supports this. In the video we see a young bobcat on a golf course who wants to play with some golf...

Ragdoll meets large dog for the first time and gets along because they are socialised to the other species of animal

Are Ragdoll cats good with dogs?

People thinking about adopting a purebred cat want to know whether Ragdoll cats are good with dogs and the answer at root comes down to whether an individual Ragdoll cat is socialised to dogs...

Father and offspring

Father’s influence on his kitten’s personality

A kitten’s personality is dictated by inherited behaviours and environmental experiences; the nature and nurture argument, which has been around for donkey’s years. It is universally accepted that the important socialisation period of cats...

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