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Cat Spraying All Over Child’s Bed. Video and Discussion — 6 Comments

  1. I saw the episode as I live in the US. In the state they live in – Colorado – cats can free roam. Jackson set up a night time video surveillance system to find out which cat was invading the territory. He found out which neighbor owned the cat that showed up on the video “invading” the yard. He spoke to the neighbor about keeping the cat in at night to help her neighbor and of course was met with a big no, not my problem. So Jackson put some non toxic cat repellant devices that had stakes going into the ground in the yard. That completely stopped the peeing. Another cat’s life saved from being booted out of the house. I do not remember the name of the devices. If the episode repeats here I will let you know.

    • So it was invading cats in the yard which caused the stress. Interesting. I’ll update the article. The parents said there were no cats in the yard. Thanks Michele.

  2. I’m not sure if this would be potent enough to satisfy the cat, perhaps placing some of the cat’s objects in the room help him feel more in control? I’m referring to things he lays on, plays with or rubs on. How much scent is left by chin rubbing etc. vs spraying?

    • Nice thought SC. I agree with it. It would certainly help, do no harm and it may fix the problem. Thanks.

  3. What a horrific situation! Thankfully, my cats have always loved my daughter and never misbehaved like this.

    It could possibly be cats outside of the child’s room that are upsetting to the cat, maybe, but of course the better answer is the child’s presence.

    I think the cat is possibly jealous of the child. It could be that the parents didn’t continue the same level of attention to the cat that he received before the child was born.

    The parents may be able to reintroduce the cat and the child making sure to show the cat more attention like they did before the child was born. To expand their love to include both the child and cat could possibly help the cat calm down and accept the child.

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