Why does this famous actress’s Persian cat poop around her in a circle while she sleeps?

Jackson Galaxy and Kate Beckinsale

On the Late Show with James Corden, Kate Beckinsale, the well-known actress, admits that a Persian cat that she inherited from a friend poops around her while she sleeps. The big question was why and Kate sought the services of … please continue reading

Two Canada lynx cats mock ‘head butt’ aggressively over territorial rights

Canada lynx do mock aggressive head butt

In this interesting video, two Canada lynx cats are in a close encounter standoff over territory – a home range. What I love about the video is that they do a behaviour that looks like an aggressive, feline, mock head … please continue reading

Cat Spraying All Over Child’s Bed. Video and Discussion

Cat Spraying Around And On Child's Bed. Video and Discussion

This cat is peeing machine so says Jackson Galaxy. On his Facebook page he presents a video which he describes as My Cat from Hell. This Cat Is a Peeing Machine. In the video we see the cat’s owner’s explaining … please continue reading

Cats in multi-cat homes find ways to share space

Cats in multi-cat homes find ways to share space by living parallel lives and time sharing space. One major conclusion of the BBC series Cat Watch: The New Horizon Experiment was that in homes where there is more than one … please continue reading