Should I neuter my cat? Ask a cat breeder.

2012 a breeding queen

A person who wants to adopt a male cat might ask why they should neuter their cat if they are going to be indoors full-time and there will be no other cats in the home; no chance of procreation. Incidentally, the word “neuter” has two meanings. It can mean the removal of the male …

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Domestic cat territory – home ranges vary widely

How large is domestic cat territory? As large as the front living room. No, I am being sarcastic but for some this is almost true. I am talking about what is referred to as the ‘home range’ of the domestic cat when free to roam as a high percentage are in the UK, but …

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What is middening in cats?

Anxiety can lead to middening

Middening in cats is the depositing of faeces in prominent places as an alternative form of scent marking. The others are urine spraying, squat marking with urine (to be distingusihed from cystitis) and scratching. Scratching leaves both a visual signal because the surface is damaged and an olfactory message because there are scent glands …

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Do female cats spray?

Yes, adult female cats spray urine for scent-marking purposes. However, mature males spray urine far more frequently at 99% of total spraying activity in a study (Methods of scent marking in the domestic cat by Hilary N Feldman, May 26 1994 – the entire study is published here – see base of page). In …

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What can I do to stop my cat from spraying?

Cat spraying is like publishing a poem or leaving a calling card

What can I do to stop my cat from spraying? It can take patience and keen observational skills to get to the bottom of this unwelcome behavior or it can be immediately apparent. But it is natural feline behavior and so it does not deserve punishment. That would make it worse, in fact. Never …

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Why does this famous actress’s Persian cat poop around her in a circle while she sleeps?

Jackson Galaxy and Kate Beckinsale

On the Late Show with James Corden, Kate Beckinsale, the well-known actress, admits that a Persian cat that she inherited from a friend poops around her while she sleeps. The big question was why and Kate sought the services of Jackson Galaxy a.k.a. Cat Daddy. Jackson Galaxy told Kate Beckinsale that her cat liked …

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Two Canada lynx cats mock ‘head butt’ aggressively over territorial rights

Canada lynx do mock aggressive head butt

In this interesting video, two Canada lynx cats are in a close encounter standoff over territory – a home range. What I love about the video is that they do a behaviour that looks like an aggressive, feline, mock head butt (as opposed to the friendly variant). It is like two horned animals facing …

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