Albinism in cats infographic

albino cat eye color

This is an infographic which summarises albinism in cats. Rarely you will see albino wild and domestic cats. You will see quite a lot of people confusing cats that are completely white with blue eyes or odd-eye colour caused by the dominant white gene and albino cats with light-blue to pink eyes. The eyes are a good way to tell the difference. There are more articles with a reference to albinism below the infographic

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Pictures of a true albino puma cub rescued in Colombia

Albino puma cub from Columbia

Here are some pictures of a rare, true albino puma (mountain lion) cub that was rescued in Colombia. He/she was discovered in the Aburra Valley metropolitan area in north-western Colombia. She is the first albino puma recorded in that country. UPDATE THE NEXT DAY: This is not a puma but a jaguarundi. The news …

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