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Inbreeding depression

Inbreeding depression cause and effect

“Inbreeding depression” is a euphemism for a general lack of health in an individual purebred cat which has been selectively bred (using artificial selection) for appearance, which automatically incorporates inbreeding. Cat breeders often have...


Infographic on cat DNA and genetics

For me cat DNA and genetics is all about cat breeding. Do cat breeders, even those registered with cat associations, have a good knowledge of genetics? They should have because artificial selection as opposed...

Abnormal cat breeds

Abnormal cat breeds

Dr Desmond Morris calls them “abnormal breeds”. I had never heard the term before. He is referring to cat breeds born out of a genetic mutation which only has a minor disadvantage to the...

Chocolate coloured cat

Are brown cats rare?

To answer the question, I believe that it is sensible to divide the domestic cat world into two categories: purebred and non-purebred cats (moggies). That’s because there is a distinct difference when answering the...

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