Albinism in cats infographic

albino cat eye color

This is an infographic which summarises albinism in cats. Rarely you will see albino wild and domestic cats. You will see quite a lot of people confusing cats that are completely white with blue eyes or odd-eye colour caused by the dominant white gene and albino cats with light-blue to pink eyes. The eyes are a good way to tell the difference. There are more articles with a reference to albinism below the infographic

World’s first albino ocelot is worrying for conservationists

Albino ocelot discovered in Columbia

The wild cat news today is that the world’s first albino ocelot has been discovered in Colombia. And the news is not good because the discovery indicates that deforestation in Colombia is resulting in inbreeding of wild cat species because of fragmented habitat resulting in small population sizes. This assessment is made because albinism …

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Pittsburgh ‘Refrigerator Cat’

1901 refrigerator cats

No, I’m not referring to domestic cats would like to open refrigerator doors and creep inside to either ‘steal’ the food for have a snooze, I’m referring to a special race of domestic cat living in sub-zero temperatures in industrial-sized refrigerator plants at the turn of the 20th century (late 1800s to early 1900s). …

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Video of albino jaguarundi rescued in Colombia where it will live in a sanctuary

Albino jaguarundi cub in Colombia

Sometimes, the people of Colombia visit PoC for which I’m grateful. As I say, the people living in 86% of the world’s countries visit PoC to varying degrees at varying times, which is why I decided to see if I can find anything about domestic cats in Colombia. I was entirely unsuccessful! Obviously, there …

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Pictures of a true albino puma cub rescued in Colombia

Albino puma cub from Columbia

Here are some pictures of a rare, true albino puma (mountain lion) cub that was rescued in Colombia. He/she was discovered in the Aburra Valley metropolitan area in north-western Colombia. She is the first albino puma recorded in that country. UPDATE THE NEXT DAY: This is not a puma but a jaguarundi. The news …

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