China: 72-year-old Chinese Man Tormented by the Sound of a Kitten Crying in the Flat Below

Chen at door

Mr Chen, 72, lives in a block of flats in Xi’an, China. In China people go away during Chinese New Year to see relatives. Sometimes they go away for some time. Downstairs he heard the sound of a cat crying. … please continue reading

Chinese Animal Rights Activists are Fighting Back Against Serial Cat Cruelty in China

This is excellent news despite the conclusion to this story. A series of brutal videos featuring the abuse of cats and dogs have been on the Chinese internet (the Chinese internet is censored so it is different to the Western … please continue reading

Ten Tigers Brutally Slain To Entertain Businessmen and Officials: A Horrendous Blood Bath

Just one hundred years ago the tiger population was more than 30 times greater than today. There were at least 100,000 of these magnificent big cats living on our planet. But due to illegal trade in parts, poaching and the … please continue reading

Cat rescue in China is almost impossible

I would like to recognise the cat lovers of China who do great work under trying or almost impossible circumstances to improve the lives of cats. There are cat lovers and carers in China. They are like salmon swimming upstream. … please continue reading

Biggest Advance in Companion Animal Welfare?

The biggest advance in the recent history of companion animal welfare and the welfare of other animals could take place in the not too distant future. China has no laws prohibiting animal cruelty. Although there is a “Wildlife Law” that … please continue reading