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Do cats need diverse diets? Variety’s in vogue! — 4 Comments

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  2. Absolutely true here, Jo! Their food costs more than their humble servant’s, and I make sure they have a great variety, because they let me know when they’re tired of something! Since I buy food by the case, this might be a problem, but it isn’t — I just wait awhile before re-introducing foods into the rotation that they have let me know they’re tired of. Works quite well!

  3. I’ve always fed my cats a variety of cat food. They have grain-free dry cat food always available and I feed them grain-free canned cat food every morning and evening, a different flavor every day ranging from tuna to liver to chicken, etc. If they get tired of one, I take it out of the rotation and re-introduce maybe a month or two later. Two of my three cats are a very healthy weight and the third, while still overweight, weighs a lot less than she used to.

  4. Good article. I agree that diversity in their diet is healthy. Also, good warning about onions, garlic, raisins and grapes being toxic to them.

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