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Do neutered cats still get boners? — 7 Comments

  1. I never noticed this behavior from Monty, who was neutered very young. He will prance over his stuffed Doggie while biting his neck. I have seen video of feral cats doing this to other male cats to assert dominance.

    A female cat had been coming around and I thought perhaps he would be interested in her, but he was distressed by her presence, became very aggressive toward her and finally beat the snot out of her and she has not bothered him again.

    For Monty everything seems to be about protecting his territory. He seems completely unaware of sex. That’s ok. He’s my innocent little boy.

    • 🙂 Although my cat likes to do his thing it is entirely automatic and unthinking. It has to be because there is no chance of procreation doing it on my arm while being neutered 😉 …Hope you are well.

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