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Does dry cat food clean teeth? — 6 Comments

    • They are a bit extreme perhaps but that is my nature! I don’t believe in the stuff. The product may be better than say small pellets but overall I don’t think it works as stated.

  1. Most cats don’t chew the dry food. So it has no impact positive or negative on the teeth. I’m sure someone has a cat that chews 20 times before swallowing mine don’t they will crunch some of the treats.
    This was per a discussion with a cat vet who did the oral surgery on Mercy’s mouth so she could have a normal life. Per vet recommendations she suggested soft food for 2 weeks. Mercy wouldn’t eat and that is where the discussion over kibble originated.

    • Thanks ME. Yes I wrote about pellet size a way back. And they do swallow the stuff sometimes. This why so called dental care dry cat food is large pellets.

      • Which means my cats wouldn’t touch it even if it did work.
        There was a cat treat we got from our vet that had cleaning enzymes in it. I haven’t seen them in the store for a while.
        Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats

    • Yep yep. That is why, if you have the wherewithal, you’ve got to start brushing their teeth when they are still young. Thank you for that 👍😺

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