Brush your Cat’s Teeth: Keep Kitty’s Mouth Clean and Healthy!

Cleaning a cat's teeth

Are cats truly “low maintenance” pets? Although many folks keep promoting domestic felines as easy keepers (especially when compared to canines), there is a considerable amount of work involved if the guardian has made the commitment to give their kitty … please continue reading

Is It Impossible to Prevent Cat Periodontal Disease?

Introduction A cat cannot be healthy without oral health. Periodontal diseases are infections caused by bacteria in the biofilm (dental plaque) that forms on the oral surfaces. The disease affects the health of the specialised tissues that surround and support … please continue reading

Rescue center left adopter with large veterinary bill

An animal rescue center in Southern Ontario, Canada, told Pam that the cat she wanted to adopt was 8 months old and in good health. The good health report was obviously important but particularly so for Pam because she is a … please continue reading