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  3. Your comment probably answers my question about having one for a pet. Doesn’t seem advisable unless you live alone. Maybe that’s why any hint of biting in the Siberian cat breed is a disqualification. I think the wild cat is beautiful and looks so much like some of my beloved tabbies. Maybe you can email me a pic of your “kitty” as the one with your post is too small to see any detail. Perhaps your cat would give some genes to some domesticated cats and give the world a chance at loving a “semi-wild”? Thanks, Jean

    • Of course the African-Asian wildcat is the wild ancestor of all domestic cats and the tabby cat is very close in appearance.

      A lot of wildcats are hybrids because they mate with feral and stray domestic cats.

      It is believed by some that all the Scottish Wildcats are now hybrids. There are no pure ones left.

      The difficulty is in preserving the wildcat in the wild. I don’t think they should be pets. The Scottish Wildcat is know for its ferocity.

  4. I have made this comment on behalf of Bob as his comment appears to have been lost in spam! My picture accompanies the comment.

    I have a cat, which I found as a kitten in the wild, that has markings that appear to be a Hybrid Scottish Wildcat. The facial features match as well as the coloring of the fur and eyes. Here’s the weird thing, I found it in the United States, in the state of Indiana. It is completely feral, even the Vet agrees. Since I raised her with an eyedropper and small baby bottle; I am the only one who can get near her. She bit two Vet techs and the Vet on her first visit to my Vets office; it was done with such surgical precision, it was like watching a cat perform martial arts. Who do I send a picture to? You must see this cat! She even has the thick stubby tail with rings.

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