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European wildcat meows

Can European wildcats be domesticated?

The question is a sensible one because all of the world’s half a billion domestic and feral cats originate in a domesticated North African wildcat (Far Eastern wildcat or African-Asian wildcat). It happened about...

Photo of a wildcat by Melanie Kahl for the Wildkatzensymposium in der Fachhochschule, Erfurt

Picture of a European wildcat

As this photograph was taken in what appears to be a German zoo, I will presume that it is a European wildcat. It as taken by Melanie Kahl of BUND Bundesverband for the BUND...

Snow leopard Central Karakoram NP Pakistan

Cats that live in the snow

I am referring to wild cat species and secondly there is no cat species which only lives in the snow all the time. I guess that is common sense but the wild cat species...

European wildcat

What does the European wildcat eat?

There have been many reports that this small wild cat species is primarily a rodent catcher. They do also feed on larger animals such as young deer, rabbits and hares. To add some detail:...

European Wildcat

European Wildcat

See this image and a full, detailed description of the European wildcat. Is this a hybrid? Initial Points The taxonomy of the wildcat has been, and still is, in dispute. Taxonomy, in this instance,...

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