Extremely unusual, unique, way to take your cat for a walk outside

The woman has cut five holes in a linen grocery bag: one for her tabby cat’s head, and four more for their legs. The cat is placed into the bag and above the cat there is a vegetable. There must be a partition halfway down the bag. The bag is multi-purpose. She holds the bag at precisely the correct height to allow her cat’s feet to make contact with the ground and begins to walk. The cat looks a little uncomfortable as it is tricky to walk when inside a bag ? and because (1) he or she doesn’t really want to walk by the look of it and (2) normal movement is restricted.

A novel way to walk a cat

A novel way to walk a cat (to say the least!). Video screenshot.

A major reason why this doesn’t really work is because cats don’t walk with their owners like dogs. They stop, look around and mess around disobediently, unless they have been meticulously trained. However, I have never seen a cat on a lead walk along beside their owner for a long distance in the style of a dog. It is just not their way.

I guess this woman realised that it was nearly impossible to walk a cat on a leash and dreamt up this solution. In some ways it is not a bad idea. It gets her cat outside for some exercise and it means that cat and owner are close together when they’d otherwise be apart.

It is a unique solution to taking a cat for a walk. I don’t think there is anyone else on the planet, literally in the entire world, who does this with their cat. And I am sure that the woman does not realise this.

The conclusion though is that it is a bit of a failure. Is she doing this for the cat (to get exercise and mental stimulation) or for her (to be with her cat more often)? It is probably for both reasons but primarily the first reason and on that basis it does not really work. The cat looks uncomfortable. I don’t think the cat is enjoying the experience but enduring it.

For her, it can’t be that easy either. She has to walk at a set speed to ensure that her cat can keep up. There is no point in her lifting the bag higher so that her cat’s feet are off the ground. It must be difficult actually to keep the bag at precisely the correct height to make sure that her cat walks.

And what if the cat becomes anxious about something? He or she can’t react. She is trapped in the bag. That would be a concern to me. The experience would make the cat more anxious.

I see a cat who is not in a particularly good place ?. This is not a great experience for the cat and, after all, the purpose of this ‘experiment’ is to improve the life of the cat or it should be. In that regard it appears to be a failure. Due credit though for thinking out of the box or out of the bag ?. The woman undoubtedly lives in Asia somewhere. It is not clear which country it is. There is text on the video, but I can’t copy and paste it. If I could I’d be able to locate the country through Google Translate.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    HaaHaaa that’s one way to get a lazy indoor fat cat to get some exercise and burn some calories! Yeah the cat is probably uncomfortable because he has to walk off some fat!!! I love the idea. It’s also great because if a dog passes all the woman has to do is lift the bag to keep her cat safe from the dog. A-1 idea for indoor cats.

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