Pros and cons of taking your leash-trained cat to public places for walks

Woman takes her cat for a walk in the evening in suburbia

I’d like to provide my input first and secondly I have added the experiences of others with their thoughts and advice. Whether leash training and taking your cat for a walk in a public place is good or bad depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is the character of …

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Extremely unusual, unique, way to take your cat for a walk outside

A novel way to walk a cat

The woman has cut five holes in a linen grocery bag: one for her tabby cat’s head, and four more for their legs. The cat is placed into the bag and above the cat there is a vegetable. There must be a partition halfway down the bag. The bag is multi-purpose. She holds the …

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7 ways to exercise your cat (a critical viewpoint)

There are apparently seven ways to exercise your cat. There are probably more ways, but in practice there are less. I’m going to list seven possible ways to exercise your cat and comment critically on those suggestions. In my view there are three general ways to exercise your cat: allow them to go outside …

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Picture of grey tabby British Shorthair on a leash in the snow

Tabby British Shorthair on leash in snow

This is a picture which caught my eye because it is quite rare to see a domestic cat on a leash in any case, but when that cat is a purebred British Shorthair and there is snow on the ground, it makes for a fairly unique picture. The only practical way that a person …

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Are Siamese cats indoor cats?

Survey on whether Siamese cats should be indoors or not

Are Siamese cats indoor cats? The answer very much depends on the cat’s human caretaker. That’s obvious but it needs stating. It is a philosophical question to a certain extent. Attitudes about letting cats outside vary from country to country. We know that. And as the Siamese cat is purebred they are more valuable …

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Walking your cat on a leash to explore and stimulate. A lifestyle to aspire to?

Luna in Bermuda

Very few cat owners take their cat outside on a leash. Surprisingly, those that do take the time and trouble to lease train their cat and take him outside to the beach, a local park or perhaps a beautiful forest, enthusiastically recommend it. They really are genuine believers in taking their cat on exploratory …

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