If I take my cat for a walk on a lead or cat stroller, am I damaging the relationship between us? Do they feel humiliated or disrespected by this?

Simon refuses to act like a dog

There is absolutely no way that the relationship between a domestic cat and their human caretaker can be damaged if a cat is on a lead or in a cat stroller provided the owner acts responsibly at all times. Stroller … please continue reading

Normal for cat owners to feel guilty about not letting their cat outdoors

Dr Bruce Fogle, the well-known veterinarian and author, says: “Judging by what people tell me when they bring their cat to the clinic, it’s pretty much normal for owners to feel guilty about not letting their felines outdoors….” He then … please continue reading

Leashing, Feeding, Killing and Declawing Cats

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) Good morning, readers. If you pour yourself a cup of coffee before settling down with this article, promise me you won’t burn anyone with it. Because by the time I’m finished, you’ll be ready to lash … please continue reading