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Fort Oglethorpe City Ordinance Makes it a Crime to Feed Feral Cats — 4 Comments

  1. To punish compassionate, responsible people who are doing TNR (Trap, Neuter & Release) who are managing a colony to keep population control down is IRRESPONSIBLE, SHORT-SIGHTED & down right EVIL. Commendations are due to these wonderful people. The punishment is misdirected & should be aimed at those who do NOT spay & neuter. What a sick community I would be glad to say I do not live in Fort Oglethorpe because it is obviously run by idiots!

    • Well said Melody. I believe and I would hope that in most counties and cities in the USA, the legislators are enlightened enough to not criminalise volunteers participating in TNR programs. In the better ones they are supported and sometimes regulated; working together with the local authority for the betterment of feral cats and to manage their population sizes.

  2. And, just when I thought I was done…
    In my opinion, to survey a (I assume) public park for the only expressed purpose of criminalizing caretakers is about as low as this county’s authorities can go.

  3. It was the same here for a long time until caretakers came out of hiding and rescue groups backed them when they requested to be on the agenda for city/county meetings. When presented with facts regarding TNR, the council accepted and that feeding ordinance was wiped from the books.
    The answer is to come forward, gather supporters, and pound some sense into the elected officials who depend on YOUR support.

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