Body cam picture of police officer’s baseless arrest of elderly TNR volunteer is brilliant

Great photo from an arresting police officer's body cam of him about to arrest a perfectly innocent elderly woman doing TNR in a public place.

NEWS AND OPINION: This police officer (one of three) captured on his body cam the moment before he arrested an elderly lady, Beverly Roberts, 86, who was performing a public duty conducting TNR in a public place. The still image from the video taken by this officer’s body camcorder is, I think, brilliant. CLICK …

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Are cats pickier with food than dogs and if so, why?

The answer is a confident yes and it is mainly to do with their sweet and bitter taste receptors. Humans have over 9,000 taste receptors, dogs have 1,700, while cats have only 473. Dogs taste sweetness much better than cats. Another difference is that dogs are scavengers and cats are not. In round terms …

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11-year-old Ukrainian girl takes on responsibility of feeding abandoned cats in devastated Ukraine

11-year-old girl feeds abandoned cats in devastated Ukraine

NEWS AND OPINION: The remarkable aspect of this cat rescue story is that the central character is an 11-year-old Ukrainian girl feeding abandon cats in a devastated urban landscape, destroyed by Putin’s artillery and rockets. When she talks to the camera, she points up to the 9th floor of a shattered apartment block and …

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Beverly Hills regulations regarding the feeding and care of feral cats (TNR)

Beverly Hills

This page has been updated at December 26, 2021. It was first written in 2009. The first part of the page deals with the Beverly Hills regulations regarding the feeding and care of feral cats (TNR) as at 2009. The second part deals with the same regulations as at 2021. They may interest people …

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Before and after photos of feral cat winter housing and facilities

Feral cat sleeping in snow under a table which barely protects him

The pictures on this page are before and after photographs. You see a black-and-white feral cat under a table. The snow is falling heavily. The cat is sleeping on an old cushion. The table barely protects the cat. It looks pretty brutal and distressing if you care for animal welfare. In the words of …

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Analysis of the impact of TNR programs on populations of feral cats

Comparisons of outcome data from similar TNR studies

I’m looking at two sets of data in this article. The first one that I refer to comes from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. They commenced a TNR program to manage the population of about 69 unowned urban cats on their campus. The programme proved successful. Obviously, this pleases me. …

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Unusual picture of feral and stray cats feeding

This unusual photograph of feral and stray cats supplied and posted by Purrfect Hearts Cat Rescue on Facebook caught my eye. Purrfect Hearts is a cat rescue and adoption group in Wilson, NC run entirely by volunteers. They rely solely on donations from the community. You can see the family connections in the cats …

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