Furby Gets A Bath!

By Furby the Feral

Do  I look pampered or what? Photo by Laura Sammons

Do I look pampered or what? Photo by Laura Sammons

Hi everybody! It's Furby! I'm madder than a cat without catnip! Well everybody-not REALLY mad. I thought my MOO-vie contract called for one full MOO-vie and story a week. Boy was I wrong!

Here it is Monday night and here I am having to star in another one. Who do I complain to? I had to have a bath.

It's not MY fault I'm getting bigger and overshot the clothes dryer. It's my secret sleeping spot and mama had confused me. She put more clothes on top of the dryer and I went to jump up there and-I landed in the floor behind the dryer. I guess I got a little bit dusty.

Laura had to help me get back on the dryer. I was in a tight spot.

I wasn't just dusty, I was smelling Ferally. Everybody knows I'm a feral and I get some kind of weird odor. We all know I've been neutered so it's not that. This proves it's not a boy cat problem. So Laura gets it into her head to give me a bath and mama decided to film it so here you are.

I may just go on strike. My cat mama Lola tried to get to the sink in time to save me but she was too late. Laura is just too fast with the Dawn dish detergent. I got them back tho. I refused to smile for the camera until I was out of the water and wrapped up.

It's not so bad really, but don't tell them that. Please send me to all your cat friends so they can see how to act. If cats unite and refuse to pose for the camera maybe we can end cat baths.

Good night everybody. I have to go lick myself!!


He does get a weird odor. I had a feral named Shadow who would get the same odor. So about once a month, Furby gets a bath and gets pampered. He seems to like the Dawn detergent and since it's used on wildlife we don't have to worry about anything dangerous in it. He got his bath and Laura wrapped him up and when he came out of her room she combed him so he'll sleep like a baby tonight.

By Furby the Feral

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Furby Gets A Bath!

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Jun 03, 2010 I feel your pain
by: Monty

At least my mom doesn't take a picture of me after giving me a bath! How humiliating.

Monty, the Best Cat in the World
(That's what my mom always says)

Apr 27, 2010 Furby gets a bath
by: BJ

You are an adorable lovable cat. Don't let this go to your head because I will be visiting you again soon.

Apr 27, 2010 He's always been good
by: Joyce Sammons

Either that or she's great at giving cat baths. He'd better be glad he's not a female or she'd paint his claws. She cleans his ears too. He's a very special cat to be around. Everyone senses it about him and comments on it. He NEVER meets a stranger and loves everyone. Its almost like he thinks at you to communicate what he wants.

Apr 27, 2010 Great cat
by: Michael

I think Furby is such a fine cat. He accepts being bathed without a fuss (as far as I can see) and looks adorable in his towel.

Michael Avatar

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