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Ginger tabby with quadruple-kinked, short tail and a great character — 1 Comment

  1. When I first moved to my current home there were nearly 200 cats on this 1/4 mile dirt road neighborhood. While spaying and neutering them I noticed nearly all had the same genetic tail. Near the tip of the tail they had a kink, the tip of the tail was bent. One old Tom who had lived here his whole life was about 20 years old. I named him Scarface because his face was nothing but scars, the neighbor said he was here when they moved in that’s how I knew how old he was. He had the kinked tail. Now Scarface never lived with anyone until me, which surprised the neighbor. He lived another six years with me and right before he died he actually played for the first time with a toy mouse. He had to have been the guy who passed on the kinked tail. As you can see I healed his face.

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