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  1. My husband fed a stray cat and kept feeding her although I told him it was a mistake. He kept feeding them and their babies and their babies and we now have over 20 cats that we are feeding. It is costing a lot and we are too old to keep this up. I am 80 and he is 95. The have ruined our back door scratching on it. They are totally wild and can not be caught. My granddaughter wanted one and actually caught one… In no time she developed ringworms. We can not afford to continue to feed them and don’t know what to do with them.

    • Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear this. I don’t “hate” cats, but any cat that is 1. not tagged 2. on my property pooping 3. tearing up my property will be treated just as i would a human doing the samethings. How some people don’t get this is beyond me. If you love your cats, treat them like you would your children. You would know where and what your children are doing. You would put boundaries on them. This is why Bonnie is forced to deal with this issue. People allow their cats to wonder and to be destructive and neighbors are expected to just put up with it.

  2. Why does a dog need a license and proof of shots yet people think they can just let their cats roam? They are very good hunters and destroy other native species. Stray cats with no collars and licenses should be killed. They are no different than the feral hog situation in many states. The problem isnt cats, it’s stupid people.

    • I understand your argument however isn’t killing a bit dramatic perhaps simply taking the cat too a shelter would be a better idea that way you would still be humane and not a wreck-less hot head.

  3. There is a cat that I know has no owner because it lives underneath my house,mind you this is not the mother or my cat I have one male cat raising two kittens.This cat continually attacks my cat and kittens for the food I give them and leaves my to treat the wounds on my hungry cats.My wife is allergic to cats but loves ours with all her heart as do I but I’m wondering if what I want to do is legal or not before burying the problem.

  4. Feral cats have wiped out much of the songbird population in my neighborhood. I have observed broods of Blue Jays killed on the same day they fledged and were not able to fly to safety. The local game warden, how hates feral cats as id, told me to place poison in food items near where the feral cats range. Feral / stray cats must be managed by lethal means to ensure that songbird populations don’t shrink an further. Since the 1960’s songbirds have declined by 20% based on studies performed by Cornell University

  5. I’ll try to make this short as possible. A colony of about 20 feral and abandoned cats have been living at a commercial property for many years. Employees in the past have feed them, I start doing TNR when I noticed them several years ago and most are now spaded and neutered. New commercial neighbors moved in and started to complain. They called Dallas animal controlled and they trapped a few and went away. I’ve been told the neighbors have threatened to poison or kill them. In the last 3 weeks, approximately 6 have disappeared, in groups of three. I’ve been around long enough to know of the local predators and how the cats react, there is no way they could have surprised and taken that many in such a short time. In addition, it has been the friendly, trusting cats that have disappeared. I would like to offer a reward and would like your advice. Should I approach a local feral cat org or the SPCA of Dallas or the Dallas Police?

    • Thanks for visiting Ray. The trouble is this (and I think you know already): the police don’t give a damn and then there is the matter of evidence. You’ll need evidence to prove that people are killing the cats. The SPCA are better to approach because they should be sensitive about this. I’d talk to them. And to offer a reward is very generous and nice of you. It may help to find evidence. It is all about that. You have to pin it down somehow.

      It is very easy to kill feral cats and get away with it because (a) the police don’t care enough unless you’re damn lucky to find someone who does care and (b) evidence is very hard to come by.

      Good luck.

  6. Oh, and let’s not forget the tragedy of Tiger the cat who was brutally killed with an arrow by veterinarian Kristen Lindsey (who also laughed about it and never even apologized). When very much was said and done (world-wide outrage as well) all she got was a year license suspension…

  7. In Texas, it doesn’t matter what’s illegal, they do whatever they want, and if it’s illegal (in this case killing cats) they do get away with it. I recall a saga of a dog owner who let her two pit bulls repeatedly rampage the neighborhood killing neighbor cats right in front of the cat’s owners… nothing ever happened to the pit bull owner, who was a district judge. She was even interviewed on television laughing about it.

  8. My question is if you are a renter and that feral cat has become a nuisance by attacking and injuring your dog in your rented fenced in yard, then can you kill it? Or trap it?

    • Hi, I don’t think I can add to the page in which case my conclusion is that in order to comply with the law (and a lot of people don’t) the cat should be trapped and dealt with by animal control. How do you know the cat is feral?

  9. The Kristan Lindsay case regarding her cruelly killing Tiger (a neighbor’s family cat) with an arrow should be pointed to here. The fact that she had a vet license at the time didn’t absolve her from a lengthy court case aimed at ripping her license away. The ALDF and Allie Cat Allies were two main national groups throwing all their weight behind Texas Justice Team in the effort to see she get punished. They, along with hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries worldwide grieved while this case dragged through the system. One of the most egregious cases I’ve seen and sorry to be a part of, along with all the others we’ve seen. Still makes me sick.

    • You are misleading people. There was no lynch mob attacking Kristen Lindsay. There was a concerted and committed argument against her to ensure that she was sufficiently and appropriately punished. The reason for that is because the establishment always protects their own. It is highly likely that she would have got off almost scot-free unless committed, decent people supported the argument that she should be punished. Even now many people would argue that she was not punished severely enough.

      We are not ashamed of ourselves for doing the right thing. How you can support this veterinarian who blatantly committed a crime and who breached her veterinarian’s oath and enjoy doing it, is beyond me.

      It is you who should be ashamed.

      • Ok let’s make this short and sweet,I am a renter and have been looking forward to killing a feral cat. I know this is a feral cat because I have been following its movements. Evidence no.1:when I first encountered it, it had kittens in my yard and I helped her raise them
        Evidence no.2:It has no collar no chip and no other nest but my yard
        The reason I am deciding to exterminate it is because it has been considered by me and my family as a pest. It has killed my precious birds harmed my siblings and is loathed in disease. I have been planning to “HUMANELY” kill it by one clean bullet to th2e head without it knowing is this enough for it to he considered feral?!

        • Fine but you are committing a crime. Not that you care and you don’t care that humans put the cat there in the first place. So two bads make a right, I guess, in your book of rules. Well done. And what happened to the kittens? These can be domesticated and adopted.

    • Kristen Lindsey was punished according to the laws of Texas and her attorney took the case to the Supreme Court of Tx. The Texas Board of Medical Vet. Examiners knew there were two options of punishment to choose from, but only one applied, so she lost her medical license for one year. Many were not pleased with this “light” punishment,as they considered it. However, the Board also put her on suspension for 5 years,which meant she had to be supervised by another vet if she returned to the profession,so actually that was more punishment.During this time, she was arrested in Houston for DWI and had to comply with several restrictions if she drove. If Travis Kuehn, the DA of the county in the city of
      Bellville had done a proper investigation and tried her by jury with all the true facts that
      Were not gathered or presented,she would have been found guilty ,no doubt, and received the punishment she deserved which would have been more severe, It is illegal to kill any cat in Texas, stray, feral, or owned unless you have the permission of the owner. Tiger’s
      Owners were out of town, so that was not possible. Tiger was not feral, nor did he have
      rabies, fleas, or all her absurd claims.He was a patient at the clinic where she was employed and was up to date on his vaccinations and treatments for an outside cat for the
      Past seven years. Let’s face it…she did it for fun or some personal deplorable satisfaction,or to show
      Off for her parents. Her mother took the picture that went viral on the internet and admitted it, and then it showed up on Facebook for the world to see, and 70 countries responded online, by Email or phone calls to the TBVME.to express their rage. Most felt that the punishment didn’t fit the crime.

      Yes, cats, like dogs must be licensed and have proof of rabies vaccination..for the gentleman who doesn’t know.

  10. Key words: “cruelly kill”

    If a cat shows no signs of having an owner, or the person didn’t know it had an owner, then it can still be killed, feral or not. Just the same way that all veterinarians and animal shelters kill cats after 3 days of waiting to see if the owner ever shows-up. If not? Too bad. If the owner shows-up after their cat was destroyed then that’s the owner’s fault and their cat was killed legally. This is why people who euthanize cats for shelters or veterinarians who do aren’t being dragged-off to court every week for killing a cat that was found to have an owner days or weeks later after it was destroyed. The ex-cat-owner has no case against anyone but themselves.

    All forms of hunting and trapping are not considered animal-cruelty under the law. You may not agree, but that’s reality. If hunting and trapping were animal-cruelty it wouldn’t be allowed and no license could be sold for those activities in all 50 states and in every country on earth. This is why destroying feral cats by all hunting and trapping methods is legal in all 50 states. Until you can stop them from selling hunting and trapping licenses stray cats will be killed by hunting and trapping methods. Same as it is in the UK.

    This is really driving you nuts, isn’t it. 🙂

    • It’s not illegal to run over them. People dump off cats & kittens in my neighborhood regularly. Many get squashed by cars, many are maimed by established feral cats & are left to slowly die. Why do these cat lovers not drop them off at a shelter? Why are they unloading their burden on other neighborhoods? I have a Swiss made air rifle with a scope that shoots a pellet at 1,200 feet fps. I can pop a cat at 50 yards with a single shot to the head. That is much more humane than the cat dumper’s option & saves the city a lot of resources.

      • It is illegal to run a cat over provided it can be proved that you did it intentionally. As is almost impossible to prove that a person does it intentionally it is in practice almost legal to kill a cat by running over it on the road. But it is still illegal under the law. I’m afraid you are a cruel person. And if you are a cruel person you are an unpleasant person. You are not the sort of person I would want to associate with.

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