WARNING: Girlfriends with cats need to protect their cat from boyfriends with anger

Ramirez an angry young man who killed his girlfriend's cat to hurt his girlfriend

Having managed this site for over ten years I have seen this reported on numerous occasions. God knows how many times it happens but remains unreported. I would suspect many thousands of times annually. The basic scenario is a classic … please continue reading

More “drama” after fundraiser started for Texas woman who killed husband for beating the family cat

Word of more drama is coming in after a man started a fundraiser for a Texas woman who killed her husband for beating the family cat. Links to previous coverage on this case can be found following this article. Scott … please continue reading

Rogue Animal Control officer seizes nine feral cats from backyard. 7 are euthanized.

Rogue animal control officer seizes 9 feral cats from private property

This is the disturbing story of an Animal Control officer employed by Hays County, Texas, USA, who apparently entered upon private property where nine ear-tipped, neutered, feral cats were living and seized them. He took them to an animal shelter: … please continue reading

Cat hair led investigators to Texas woman who mailed bombs to government officials

A Texas cat owner was indicted last week in Houston district court on six counts for allegedly mailing potentially deadly homemade bombs to President Barack Obama and Texas Governor Greg Abbott in October 2016. Cat hair led investigators to the … please continue reading

Reason why Kristen Lindsey was not charged with a crime when she killed Tiger, a neighbour’s cat

Kristen Lindsey and Tiger the cat she killed

Lindsey DVM was not charged with a crime under Texas animal welfare laws and laws governing criminal damage because of two essential reasons: The crime occurred in Texas and; The cat’s owners, Mr and Mrs Johnson, “wished no ill will … please continue reading

Texas animal rescuer files lawsuit after 111 emaciated dogs and cats removed from home

This interesting case comes out of Tarrant County, Texas where a rescuer of shelter pets was charged with animal cruelty after police found 111 emaciated dogs and cats in a Keller home. A lawsuit has been filed by the rescuer … please continue reading

Pets are now allowed at Houston evacuee shelters in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Cats in flood

According to an August 28 update by Alley Cat Allies, Houston evacuee shelters in the path of flood damage by Hurricane Harvey are now accepting pets. Their website¬†announced “Pets are now allowed at Houston evacuee shelters in the aftermath of … please continue reading