It’s impossible to kill all Australia’s feral cats but they go on killing them

Aussie feral cat in the arid interior hunting small marsupials and mammals

It’s nice to read that some Australian citizens including some Australian scientists strongly disagree with the war against feral cats in Australia which takes place daily and nightly in order to try and protect the small mammals and marsupials in the outback. The scientists who organise the killing of feral cats such as Dr. …

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Speciesism is applied less by the British compared to New Zealanders

What is speciesism?

A survey carried out by the University of Exeter concerning the difficulties of distinguishing between wildcats and feral cats in order to control feral cat populations, came to the conclusion that speciesism is applied less often in Britain than in New Zealand. What is speciesism? It is valuing one species of animal above another. …

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New Zealand journalist loves domestic cats and wants to shoot feral cats. Crazy?

Patrick Gower who sees nothing wrong in shooting feral cats

Patrick Gower is mixed up in my opinion. He has a Wikipedia page so he has some influence. And he supports the North Canterbury hunting competition in New Zealand which attracted so much criticism recently as it entailed kids of 14 shooting at feral cats that could be domestic cats. Other animals are in …

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Shooting cats as a form of euthanasia?

Under normal circumstances, is it possible to 'euthanize a feral cat with a .22 rifle?

This is a discussion about whether shooting cats as a type of euthanasia is humane or inhumane. Why am I discussing it? Because a lot of people shoot a lot of cats, primarily feral cats but sometimes domestic cats and stray cats. These are the world’s shooters. Most of them are in Australia (Oz). …

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Emotional impact on TNR caregivers when their cats were shot by the authorities

The emotional impact on TNR workers when their cats were shot in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

The emotional impact on TNR caregivers when their cats were shot by the authorities is shocking. This is an interesting approach to discussing the ‘feral cat problem’. Most of the time the focus is on how to get rid of feral cats. An attitude which is predominant in Australia and New Zealand. And the …

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Arrogant hunter addicted to killing feral cats

Trapped cat

He is a self-declared redneck. I can barely bring myself to write about this person. This is because he is so different to me. He is different to millions of Americans as well. He confesses that he is addicted to hunting, fishing and trapping et cetera. Included in that desire to kill animals is …

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US troops shoot feral cats with air guns on their South Korea base

US military shoot stray cats on South Korea airbase with air guns

NEWS AND COMMENT-OSAN AIR BASE, SOUTH KOREA: The Korea Herald reports that, in December 2021, more than 10 feral cats were shot and killed by US troops with air guns on Osan Air Base. The South Korean broadcaster KBS presented a video which showed a military employee shooting a pellet from a rifle at …

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Alley Cat Allies v East Bay Regional Park District over the shooting of feral cats

One of the volunteers who manages the feral cats

Alley Cat Allies is engaged in a battle of wills with the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD). I will call EBRPD “the cat killers”. I will call Alley Cat Allies “ACA”. The cat killers have, for decades, been killing cats in parklands in Oakland, California. ACA have produced a nice video which actually …

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