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“Killer cat parasite” infects whales. Defending the cat — 5 Comments

  1. For goodness sakes it’s NOT a ‘cat parasite’ – it is a ‘parasite’ and it so happens that cats can have it. God I hate the media sometimes – they wallow in their ignorance. They would rather be ignorant I think. It makes for better stories.

    • I hate the media sometimes too. On this sort of subject (cats and science) they just make a story about it without ensuring it is balanced as they would if writing about the human.

  2. I think it’s pretty factual that humans are usually infected through contact with cat feces. But, it seems that cats take the full brunt when, in reality, the parasite is carried by other warm blooded animals (especially livestock) and birds. Ingestion of raw or undercooked meat poses a pretty good threat.
    Having visited ocean beaches all my life, I can say that birds heavily populate beaches.
    I think there could be more than one way that sea life could become infected.

  3. Just something else for cat haters to blacken cats names with.
    Human beings never take responsibility for being the ones causing everything that happens 🙁

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