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Man on trial for killing hotel cat Strushie released by ICE and deported back to Greece — 13 Comments

  1. There may be a bit of justice in this case. The Admins for the Strushie page have reported that the owners have lost half of their hotel to foreclosure. Also, the City of Miami Beach has been cracking down on them for code violations in the hotel like roaches and they are also being fined for hiring illegals. I wish it could be a lot harsher for them but I am happy to see this.

    • Thanks for this. I do recall writing about the hotel foreclosure. A bit of karma. It was a mishandled case by law enforcement as I recall.

  2. Please share this on social media also requesting a boycott of this hotel of horrors. Would you bring a child to a hotel to witness something horrific like that which was carried out by a hotel employee on orders and provision of a deadly weapon from the owners? The owners are vile disgusting people capable of other horrors when they find another puppet to do their dirty work and take the fall.

  3. It was nice of people to stop and listen to what she was there for. People in my city aren’t like that. I remember once I went to the beach to get a couple buckets of sand and some old man yelled he was going to call the cops on me… I’d like to visit Miami so I could protest that hotel for awhile. That was a very cool-looking cat by the way!

    • Thank you, any disruption to their business either thru protest and boycott is now the only to get justice and money is the only other thing these disgusting people care about, and sharing this on social media so that more people know what went on hotel of horrors. If you were on vacation with your children and a hotel employee was ordered to walk around in broad daylight with an illegal deadly weapon hunting innocent animals that cry when they feel pain and terror would you ever stay there in your lifetime?

  4. Please tell everyone you know to boycott the Franklin Hotel in Miami Beach. It may be the only way left to honor Strushie, by ruining the hotel’s business. The vile owners ordered Lollias to torture and murder an innocent animal with a crossbow they provided to take revenge on the previous owner who loved and cared for Strushie over some dispute. Then paid for a high priced lawyer to defend him and keep him quiet and take the fall. It is known that the owners let Lollias live free at the hotel and paid for expensive dental work but Lollias had to do their bidding and dirty work in return especially since he is a broke illegal that had nothing.

    • The Miami PD only investigated this case after an intense public outcry. The chances of them going after Lollias and the Franklin Hotel owners are zero now that Lollias has been deported and will never stand trial. Boycott the hotel.

      • Thanks for pointing out the update for me Michele. The police have let the public down. This happens a lot in the UK I am afraid to say.

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