Miss B smuggles feral cats into communal garden

by Anonymous

This idiot I know, lets call her Miss B, she lives in a project apartment with a nice garden. She decided to smuggle onto the garden altogether 16 stray cats that she went to save from an animal shelter.

The rest of the retired tenants want her to get rid of them, she fights everyone with tooth and nail, and just want to keep them.

She thinks it’s her god given right to take possession of the garden and populate them with feral cats.


Hi… I will ask people to comment. I changed the title to refer to a “communal garden”. I presume I am correct in that assessment. I live in Europe and we don’t use the phrase “project apartment”. I guess it means a development or block of flats or apartments as we call them.

I that is true I can see the problem. Despite loving cats and all animals we have to fit in with other people particularly if the neighbours are close by.

How big is the garden. How much of a nuisance to the other users of the garden are these feral cats?


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Miss B smuggles feral cats into communal garden

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Feb 15, 2012 Good On U Miss B.
by: Angie.

Well Anonymous what an animal hater you must be. Instead of calling Miss B an “Idiot” as you call her, why don’t u and your miserable neighbors get off your high horse and show her some compassion and offer some of your so called precious time and help her.

Oct 14, 2011 I Am Not A Lawyer
by: Strictly Legal

However, I have worked in various lawfirms for over 45 years, and I know a real stinker when I see one! The “Anonymous” poster is a fellow who is well-known in his location for obsessing over the cat-feeding (or over the feeder) for a few years and has made life miserable for her and the cats and others. He is even suspected of some poisonings of cats there. He has tried to organize groups and petition signings that she should not have the right to live there because of her caretaking and has gone to extreme lengths to try to seize power to effect this. So anything “he” posts should just be chalked up to age, possibility senility or substance abuse (or all 3). P.S. to readers: Anonymous is the default sign-in name unless you type something different.

Oct 10, 2011 to Leah
by: Grahame

Leah, these horrible types of people are not any more kind to their fellow humans than they are to cats. It does seem that in any close living situation, be it a company town, an enclave of National Park workers, residents in tower blocks (rich and poor alike),logging camps, mining settlements, smallish villages, and so forth, these sorts of people are at one another’s throats. And the history of failed intentional communities is hardly uplifting. One wonders how much the living situations conduce to this horrible behaviour, and how much it is inherent in the defective species *Homo sapiens*. I think that there is far more *sapientia* in my cats and dogs than in most humans.

And, speaking of *sapientia*, Thomas Hardy well observed: ‘And after two thousand years of Holy Mass, we’ve got as far as poison gas!’

If you ask me, it is a vast kindness that the cats even deign to live with us. That some cat- loving humans are companionable does not vitiate the egregrious sins of the majority of that vicious and horrid animal: man.

Oct 09, 2011 I know what you mean!
by: Leah England

Too much time on their hands is spot on! They really have nothing to complain about so they have to find something.

These sort of people make me sick. How lovely in your moms block that the tenants do this lovely thing for the cats. The others with their horrible nasty thoughts and mealy mouths should keep their noses out of it and mind their own damn business.

Live and let live is what I say and these poor creatures deserve a friend. Those that trap and kill them should be left out in the cold then they would know how it feels!

So you mealy mouthed miserables out there leave be!

Oct 09, 2011 test and correcting unintended anonymity
by: Grahame

I am fairly certain that I signed my recent long post with my true name, and this is partially a test to see if it comes up as anonymous again. (I have written computer code to block some scripts from running, you see.)In any event, I am proud to sign my name to my posts, and if the poster alleging feral smuggling has any issue with me, go to it!

That having been said, I detect in “Strictly Legal’s” post a disturbing undercurrent of conflict with the original “Anonymous” poster who began all of this. Lawyers!?! Egad! People just cannot live in peace. They have got to invent conflicts. I have no conflicts with neighbours because I mind my own business, prefer the company of my cats and a few close friends, and do not go honing after conflict.

I am persuaded that cats are superior beings [no mysticism intended], and if we would learn from them how to live, the prognosis for homo sapiens would be a bit more optimistic.

Oct 09, 2011 Thanks
by: Michael

Hi, all comments are published provided they are not spam and not rude and insulting.

I just have to moderate sometimes as I got a lot of spam at one time. It got out of hand so I now moderate some comments.

All the feral cat page comments are moderated and it takes up to 12 hours to moderate them because I have to sleep and eat!

Thanks for your comments. They are always welcome.

Oct 08, 2011 What happened to my post of earlier today?
by: Strictly Legal

Hi Michael – did it not post or was it removed?

Oct 08, 2011 Code words and the actual agenda
by: Anonymous

Michael, there are code words in that anonymous post concerning cats on community property. In the first instance, “project” has an extremely pejorative connotation in the USA when referring to housing. It strongly suggests trashy people (in the eyes of the user of such dog whistle words). In the instance to hand, “housing project” tensnts rank one step above “trailer trash”. Also, this usually refers to public housing, with the all-too-common connotations and the disgusting NIMBYism all too common in people who fancy themselves superior, but usually that is an illusion inasmuch as they, too, live in housing projects. In the UK parlance, this is a gripe against people who live in council housing in a block of flats.[NIMBY=not in my back yard=not near to me, a common American acronym nowadays.]

I do not think that the poster refers to a community garden, what in the UK is called an “allotment”. Some blocks of flats in the US have nice landscaping and places for the tenants to take the sun and fresh air, such as it may be. It is common and very unfortunate that, in many of these housing schemes, the elderly tenants tend to be crabby and crochety and, having little imagination and too much time on their hands, they get snarky and turn upon one another. Cats and their alleged sins are a favourite topic for these sorts of people.Sometimes the cats’ mere existence is enouugh to set these people off on vicious diatribes.

I have seen it at first hand. My aged parent lives in a nice public housing tower block with lovely landscaping. The climate there in winter is extremely vicious and kind-hearted tenants feed feral, strays and also construct wind-breaks out of cardboard boxes and blankets. The survival ability of these hapless but not unresourceful cats is extremely admirable. Tenants such as your anonymous interlocutor trash these attempts to save the hapless cats and kittens and complain incessantly and volubly to the landlords and to the domestic animal wardens. The cats harm no person and are a lovely addition to the community. Some tenants of a kindly disposition also provide cooked meals for them in wintertime. Meanwhile, the malcontents trap the cats and have them killed; they put out poisoned food for them; and they bitch and carp and bitch some more. Indeed, THEY are the intolerable nuisance, not the cats. It disgusts me and makes my heart sad and sore.

So, I know the code and I read what the malcontented and anonymous poster is really saying; I am not amused. I wish her the sort of nasty, brutish, and short life she insists upon for the innocent and hapless moggies. These sorts usually complain that cats eat the birds and goldfish from their gardens. As I say, I’ve seen this time and again. Alas.

Oct 08, 2011 Delusional x 2: Impossible to Smuggle Ferals
by: Strictly Legal

Dear Michael and readers – This is not a communal garden and there are no cats in there anymore anyway. Even the Management Company, with whom I have been in touch last month for legal reasons, flew in and could find no cats, and no evidence of cats, on said property. The fact is, “Anonymous” has been “smuggling” and importing cat feces and depositing it so that people will find or step on them, so that the blame goes to the feral cat caretaker. Anonymous and the members of his Cat Haters Club Anonymous, are simply dying to find a way to upset folks who just want to live a peaceful life in their apartment. Bottom Line: Whoever posts on this “Miss B” blog has not explained how one would “smuggle a feral cat.” Quite frankly, I believe there is some form of mental impairment that makes this subject such an obsession that Anonymous will write anything, no matter how absurd. If “Anonymous” blogs or posts further, I would take it with a grain of salt. You can get the same kinds of stories at any nursing facility. I would not be surprised to find alcohol plays a big part in this fairytale. Signing Off, Legal Eagle P.S. Thanks Michael!

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