More “drama” after fundraiser started for Texas woman who killed husband for beating the family cat

Word of more drama is coming in after a man started a fundraiser for a Texas woman who killed her husband for beating the family cat. Links to previous coverage on this case can be found following this article.

Mary is allegedly out on bond
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Scott Holmes of Coolidge, Arizona has started a GoFundMe where he posted:

“I have never ran a GoFundMe campaign before so bear with me.  I became aware of this about a week ago and was compelled to try and help this woman out.   

In Houston, Mary Harrison shot and killed her husband, Dexter Harrison.  He was apparently beating the animals and they were arguing about it.  Mary shot Dexter.  A few days before, the cat had disappeared for several days.  Mary put up posters to find it.  It had returned home on it’s own.  Mary admitted to detectives that she shot Dexter as he was beating cat and dog.  She also told the cops that he had no history of domestic/family violence and the cops had never been called to the residence which the cops confirmed.  While absolutely terrible, I can understand the rage involved.  I feel bad for the husband but doing such a thing is inexcusable to me as an animal lover.  It’s instant rage.  Beating defenseless animals is never acceptable regardless of situation.  * Recent news items say that the cat, (Smokie), is alive but has a broken jaw and several broken ribs.   He is recovering.  Apparently the dog didn’t suffer any noticable injuries.  Currently they are at the Houston SPCA.  

I am trying to make contact with Mary now.  I don’t know her. I have no personal ties.  I am currently researching her particulars including other family members, etc.,  to try and make contact with her and make sure this money gets to her.  

Cruelty to animals is more than a ‘pet peeve’ with me.  No pun intended.  I would like to help her if I can and I’m sure other animal lovers out there would as well.  * Mary has bonded out of jail.  No information as to hearing date, etc.”


Please read the update, where Scott assures everyone he isn’t a scammer and if he can’t get the money to Mary within 30 days it will be refunded to those who contributed.

There are a lot of comments being made on the GoFundMe page (definitely worth reading), both supporting Mary as well as criticizing any and everyone who is defending her. One person commented

“You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you follow the story and see that justice WILL be served. Every single one of you are sick individuals, and you too like Mary need HELP! God bless you all!”

Another comment read the story made headlines as a cat story to get ad clicks

“She shot him, multiple times, including in the back. She followed him from one room to another & shot him! She killed him in front of his child! Had he been abusing her the news would’ve said so! The cat story is to sell papers & get add clicks! Don’t support a KILLER!!!”

From what I gather, Mary has bonded out of jail and the creator of the GoFundMe knows little but wants to help or is a very good scammer. The fundraiser has been shared more than 400 times and collected more than $1,000 so far.

Thoughts, anyone? Please sound off in the comments.

She shot her husband dead because he was beating the family cat

Case discussion about the woman charged with murder

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13 thoughts on “More “drama” after fundraiser started for Texas woman who killed husband for beating the family cat”

  1. after reading some of the comments on the GFM this case may attract a lawyer looking to make statement about domestic and animal abuse. This is of course if her story stands up under scrutiny.

  2. BTW i would not donate to any gofundme unless there were a lawyers office that could confirm they were representing her.

    1. The rise in online funding is causing consternation because you can lose money quite easily. I thinking more of backing a new product. Millions can be lost in fact.

      As to personal online funding I don’t always trust them. I feel that there are some scammers taking advantage of decent people and pocketing their money for less than honest reasons.

      1. people now start a gofundme every time they have a bill due. Since the person running this has not direct ties it should be shut down.

  3. The last thing this woman needs is a scammer. The text with the appeal doesn’t strike me as embellished as some scams are. I think it is someone who genuinely wants to help Mary, but is open about how new they are to the phenomenon.

    I hope Smokie’s future finds him somewhere safe to be cared for, where he can start some kind of recovery from such horrific trauma.

    Mary needs a lawyer who is seriously experienced in DV cases.

  4. I will simply say that she may deny violence and abuse, but it is likely that emotional abuse has been the norm in their household for many years. It is likely that the animals have been abused before. She and her son need a skilled lawyer and therapist to uncover the truth.

    The flip side is that she beat the cat herself and made it all up so she could kill him.

    Everyone has their breaking point. She may have put up with emotional abuse for years, but hurting her cat sent her over the edge.

    This will be a long trial.

    1. If it’s true she chased him from room to room shooting I’d bet a few dollars there was some built up rage from emotional , physical and abuse to her pets over a period of time. She indeed needs a good lawyer although I am a proponent of the truth. If she shot him for any other reason that abuse going on at that moment in time she needs to go to prison for a long time.
      It’s also worthy to note that most abused women know that a restraining order is just a note to the jury of who murdered the victim listed on that piece of paper. Domestic abuse is often hard to prove unless there are witnesses , physical injury or dead bodies.

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