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Mountain lion sounds – a full complement — 17 Comments

  1. My Grandpa always told us kids that when we were outside at night especially and you hear a blood curdling scream much like that of a woman when she gets mad for you to head home and get inside and tell your daddy. He will know what to do.
    Well I only heard that scream 1 time and it was a long ways off but I went inside anyway and told my step-father. He went outside and he heard it too but said that it wasn’t that close to us.

  2. Michael,

    It’s been 4 years since I posted. Do you think you will ever get a compilation of mountain lion sounds? (Of course, not in-heat sounds!) It still is the best way to deter coyotes that I’ve found. The only sounds I can get are a few seconds long and I have to keep replaying it instead of watching for my dogs.


  3. I love mountain lions, have lived near them my whole life. Have one now in Oregon who actually caterwauls and yowls at me and my black lab and has done so for five years. You describe a whistle or chirp sound but don’t provide a tape. Could you possibly tape one for me, I think she makes that sound some nights. Thank you for great sounds, Stacey

  4. There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a cougar living in the trees behind my house. At night you’ll hear every dog possible raising heck…not to mention those familiar sounds from the audio.

      • Your a dope. They kill more than they will ever eat. Sheep, chickens my child’s small dog. No sign of stopping. Children next. Fuck off. And FYI I WAS HERE FIRST!

        • What rubbish are you spouting Harriet. You were not there before pumas. And what about people? Most Americans eat more than they need to keep alive which is why they are the most obese nation on the planet!

  5. I have found that the sounds of a mountain lion will keep the coyotes from following me while I’m walking my dogs. I have not been able to find a file that is long enough to play for any length of time or on a continuous loop. Is there any chance you could compile such a file?

    • Hi Rhonda. That’s interesting. I can possibly do that. The trouble is it will take me some time and my time is precious at the moment. I’ll see what I can do but don’t expect anything or something soon! Happy Christmas.

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    • Hi, if you want you can do an article for me and paste it into a comment. If it’s good enough I’ll convert it to an article and then we can go from there on a more formal footing. Thanks.

  7. Having house cats all my life, when I heard this caturwaling outside my window late one evening, I knew a large wild cat was sending a mating call. A mountain lion was spotted by my neighbor, 300-500 yards from my gate last January. Another neighbor told me a very large bobcat was seen around recently. I found your audios fascinating and extremely helpful in my research to identify puma vs. bobcat?

    • Thanks for commenting Susan. I’m pleased the audio files helped. You are lucky to be in an area where you can hear mountain lion sounds. I envy you.

  8. I love this website! I have been stalked by a huge red puma in Kern county, ca. It was midday in nationnal forest. I heaard a scrream sounding like that of a red ttailed hawk, but different. I immediatly thoughhht PUMA.Then I ssaw the puma. It croouched, then started after me. Iyelllled, waved a stickk, and stood my ground.It looked at the ground, like embarrassesed, then walked away!! I LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL ANIMMAL!

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